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Rs. 3,250,000 Negotiable


Dulaj Roshan
  • 220,650 Km

Good Running Condition Original Diesel (CR41) Engine,Body 100% Front AC FM Radio Revers Camera New Paint Alloy Wheels Crystal Lights

Rs. 1,570,000 Negotiable


Hmchamilad Hmchamilad
  • 162,000 Km

Very well maintained second owner auto 1.5 car used as a second vehicle REG IN 2005 / Manufactures in 2001 All of services and maintenances done with original Hyundai parts @ according to the...

Rs. 440,000 Negotiable


Dulaj Roshan
  • 150,000 Km

100% Good running condition 15kmpl New Battery Alloy wheels AC Working 14-XXXX (Exchange Possible)

Rs. 3,500,000


Nishantha Perera
  • 266,881 Km

The vehicle is only being used once a month for the year because the owner is not living in Sri Lanka and is only used in December.Please contact:0763628639

Rs. 7,300,000


Sanjeew Perera
  • 71,000 Km

BMW 523i, KP-, Petrol, 2010 model, black original leather interior, metallic silver car in immaculate condition for sale. Company director owned and done only 71,000 Km’s. All maintenance record...

Rs. 3,190,000 Negotiable

Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

  • 1,530 Km

Suzuki Spacia Custom XS 2017 Highest Grade Black Double Side Powered Sliding Door Intelligent Key Keyless Start/ Stop H.I.D. Scoop headlamps L.E.D. Daytime Running Lamps Fog Lamps Alloy Wheels Au...

Rs. 1,990,000 Negotiable


Kalanih Kalanih
  • 110,000 Km

Full option , Crystal light ,Dual Air Bag ,Auto , Registered Owner ,Reg Year 2000- Price can be negotiable after inspection Location -No 224/A , Kudamaduwa , Siddhamulla , Piliyandala [School Hir...

Rs. 2,775,000 Negotiable


Tseneviratne7 Tseneviratne7
  • 21,000 Km

Wagon R Stingray Hybrid 2014 Registered in 2015/09,pearl white Radio, DVD, Bluetooth, Reverse Camera, & reverse Sensors

Rs. 2,775,000 Negotiable


  • 21,000 Km

Wagon R Stingray Hybrid 2014 Registered in 2015/09 pearl white Radio, DVD, Bluetooth, Reverse Camera, & reverse Sensors

Rs. 1,795,000 Negotiable


Milankarunarathne Milankarunarathne
  • 18,000 Km

Home used car Low milage

Rs. 1,300,000 Negotiable

Koswatta Rd

  • 21,900 Km

Lady driven car is for immediate sale. Financial need

Rs. 2,050,000

Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Iqram Bahaudeen
  • 130,000 Km

Engine top condition power mirrors power shutters airbag and overdrive fule 10-12 kml

Rs. 3,150,000 Negotiable

Sri Lanka

  • 156,000 Km

Honda Civic FD3 Hybrid 2007 Good Condition Multifunctional sterling. TV.DVD.Blutooth.Front Camera.Back camera.Hed TV. Fule siti 14,out 17 .EX With Prius, Alliyon

Rs. 1,950,000 Negotiable


  • 100,000 Km

Nissan d21 1991 brandnew ac / power / 4wd

Rs. 3,975,000 Negotiable


  • 129,000 Km

2009/10 , 2nd owner, AWD, Manual, using by professional, G grade, Full option, Dual air bags , ABS, 3L inter-cooler turbo D4D engine, Factory fitted setup, Alloys, Original paint/body, Original c...

Rs. 4,500,000 Negotiable

Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte

  • 65,000 Km

Toyota Corolla Axio 2013 Full option Auto 8 air bags Reverse cam/ TV/DVD Price is negotiable Exchange preferred

Rs. 2,250,000 Negotiable


  • 49,000 Km

Viva Elite Premium Grade 2010 YOR 2011, KN-5*** ABS Breaks, Air bags, Auto Folding Winker Mirrors, Spoiler, Alloy Wheel, Doctor using as a second vehicle , Mileage: 49000km , 2nd Owner , Remote ...

Rs. 4,550,000 Negotiable

Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte

  • 50,000 Km

Toyota Aqua 2015 New face New lights New scoop head lights Push start multi-function Cruise control Auto retract mirrors X urban type Only Toyota Lanka Maintained All the reports and auction rep...

Rs. 3,350,000 Negotiable


Duminda Gajaweera
  • 4 Km

Unregistered, manufacturers 2017 new model (custom Z model ) good condition, vehicle with 03years warranty ,free services, 50% for insurance

Rs. 2,750,000 Negotiable


Ishan Dissanayake
  • 71,000 Km

Suzuki Swift (Japan) YOM 2008- Personally used ,well maintained car for immediate sell as owner seeking to upgrade.

Rs. 1,770,000 Negotiable


Sumith Janaka
  • 220,000 Km

Contact : 0719842767 Rs 1770000.00 1996 Registered SE- Limited Edition Full Opton Auto Toyota New Tire and Battery

Rs. 4,775,000 Negotiable

Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Chinthaka Chinthaka
  • 21,500 Km

Honda Fit GP 5 S grade (Full loaded) , Emergency break system , two smart keys , Xenon head lamps with scope light , dual multiplication , TV/DVD/CD/Bluetooth , cruse control , 8 Air bags , Auto ...

Rs. 5,775,000 Negotiable


Sakuraks Sakuraks
  • 47,000 Km

Toyota Allion 260 G Limited, Year of Manufacturing 2012, Registed 2013.Pearl White colour with Full Beige Interior, Teak Steerian Wheel With Dual Multifunction, Reverse Camera, TV, DVD, USB, Nav...

Rs. 1,495,000 Negotiable


Nalaka Senarath
  • 110,000 Km

Doctor owner Lady used car Two doors Mint condition Engine 100% Body and paint 99% Suspension 100% New tires and battery Allow wheels Mp3 player Full insurance EFI tuning done Full service done P...

Rs. 2,475,000 Negotiable


  • 230,000 Km

a well-maintained vehicle used by a Manager. Manufactured year 2000/Registered year 2003/ 1500CC /Full Option /Remote Key / Rear headrests / Nickel handle Fixed a GPS Navigation enabled car s...

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New and used Cars for sale in Sri Lanka

cars for sale Sri Lanka | White Honda Civic

History and facts about Cars in Sri Lanka

The history of cars in Sri Lanka is as old as the automotive industry itself. At the time when the country was under the British Crown, the first known car was imported to the island. It was none other than a 1902 British made chain-driven, single cylinder “Wolseley” car, which was a two-seater at that time. This machine was manufactured by the Wolseley Sheep Shearing Machine Company Limited, and was said to be made by the legendary “Herbert Austin” himself. The car was brought to the country in 1903 and was registered at that same year, making it the first car to be registered in Sri Lanka, by obtaining the vehicle registration plate number “Q 53”. According to the records, the first petrol driven car was brought to Sri Lanka on 2nd of May, 1905, by Cecil Gnapp, and was a 05 hp “Oldsmobile” car. The first Sri Lankan national to own a car is recognized as Mr. E.L.F. de Zoysa who lived in Moratuwa. His wife Mrs. De Zoysa was said to be the first Sri Lankan women to have driven a car. A 1957 Datsun branded car was the oldest Japanese car to be imported to the country. Even though late to the market, the Japanese vehicles today dominate Sri Lanka’s automobile industry, with even the successor to the Datsun brandNissan, being one of the prominent players in Sri Lanka.

Cars for sale in Sri Lanka

In the early days, simply owning a car was considered as a display of wealth and power, not only in Sri Lanka but also in anywhere else. However, with rapid economic growth that occurred in the country, especially after the independence, saw many Sri Lankans buying a car for their personal or business purpose. Even though the majority of vehicles are compact or subcompact cars, the vans also play a key role within the island. Due to the vehicles capability to transport a high number of passengers, while also having the capacity to carry a significant payload, meant that the vans are also a popular choice among the country’s middle class.

Today Toyota is by far the most popular car brand in Sri Lanka, which is followed by Honda and Suzuki. Apart from the top Japanese brands, the German made Mercedes-Benz cars as well as the BMW’s dominate the country’s luxury car segment. Almost all the top brands are imported to the country through authorized distributors, who also provide servicing as well as aftersales support for their respective car buyers. Third party dealers are also a notable force within the Sri Lankan vehicle industry, importing rare models, spare parts as well as accessories for the country’s proud vehicle owners.


Best Selling Vehicle Brands in Sri Lanka

These are the most popular vehicle brands, which manufactures SedansSubcompactsHatchbacksCrossoversSUV’sMPV’s and Vans sold in Sri Lanka.

Toyota for sale in Sri Lanka

Founded in August 1937, the Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the two largest automobile manufacturers in the world and without a doubt, the most widely used car brand in Sri Lanka. Apart from its main Toyota brand, the company also produces vehicles under the brands LexusScionHino and Ranz. It also owns a majority stake in Daihatsu Motor Co. The main reasons for the success of Toyota, not only within Sri Lanka but also around the world, is its innovative technologycompetitive pricing and excellent built quality.

Toyota price list in Sri Lanka

Toyota Aqua 

​New Toyota Aqua price: Rs. 3,750,000 - Rs. 5,100,000

Reconditioned Toyota Aqua price: Rs. 3,300,000 - Rs. 4,000,000 

Used Toyota Aqua price: Rs. 1,650,000 - Rs. 3,600,000

Toyota HiAce

New Toyota HiAce price: Rs. 5,850,000 - Rs. 7,950,000

Reconditioned Toyota HiAce price: Rs. 4,650,000 - Rs. 7,150,000

Used Toyota HiAce price: Rs. 1,975,000 - Rs. 6,500,000

Toyota Prius

New Toyota Prius price: Rs. 4,600,000 - Rs. 5,450,000 

Reconditioned Toyota Prius price: Rs. 4,350,000 - Rs. 5,500,000

Used Toyota Prius price: Rs. 2,180,000 - Rs. 4,800,000

Toyota Axio

New Toyota Axio price: Rs. 4,475,000 - Rs. 5,350,000

Reconditioned Toyota Axio price: Rs. 4,375,000 - Rs. 5,200,000 

Used Toyota Axio price: Rs. 3,275,000 - Rs. 3,850,000


Available Toyota Hybrid Models: Toyota Aqua, Toyota Prius, Toyota Axio Hybrid, Toyota Corolla Hybrid, Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Avalon Hybrid, Toyota Highlander Hybrid


Suzuki for sale in Sri Lanka

The cars produced by the Suzuki Motor Corporation, such as the Suzuki Alto and the Suzuki Wagon R, has a unique place in Sri Lanka. The company is popular in the country as a vehicle manufacturer that has a range of vehicles for the lower end segment. Founded in 1909 by a Japanese inventor named Michio Suzuki, the company has seen rapid growth particularly within developing country’s such as Sri Lanka. Not only cars, Suzuki is also famous for building motorcycles that includes some of the fastest bikes in the world.

Suzuki car price list in Sri Lanka

Suzuki Wagon R 

New Suzuki Wagon R price: Rs. 2,375,000 - Rs. 3,350,000

Reconditioned Suzuki Wagon R price: Rs. 2,460,000 - Rs. 2,825,000

Used Suzuki Wagon R price: Rs. 2,460,000 - Rs. 2,825,000

Suzuki Every 

New Suzuki Every price: Rs. 2,150,000 - Rs. 2,790,000

Reconditioned Suzuki Every price: Rs. 1,825,000 - Rs. 2,425,000

Used Suzuki Every price: Rs. 1,290,000 - Rs. 2,300,000

Suzuki Swift

Reconditioned Suzuki Swift price: Rs. 1,800,000 - Rs. 2,600,000

Used Suzuki Swift price: Rs. 1,800,000 - Rs. 2,600,000

Suzuki Alto

New Suzuki Wagon R price: Rs. 1,650,000

Reconditioned Suzuki Wagon R price: Rs. 2,575,000 - Rs. 2,750,000

Used Suzuki Wagon R price: Rs. 1,175,000 - Rs. 1,750,000


Available Suzuki Hybrid Models: Suzuki Wagon R Hybrid, Suzuki Every Hybrid, Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid


Honda cars for sale in Sr​i Lanka

Established in 1948, the Honda Motor Co., Ltd is the second largest automobile manufacturer in Japan. Headquartered in Hamamatsu, the company is also the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Honda offers some of the most popular high-end vehicles seen in Sri Lanka, with its highly acclaimed Honda Fit, being one of the most sort after vehicles in the country. Apart from Toyota, the Honda is also one of the forerunners in producing Hybrid vehicles, with models such as the Honda Vezel and the Honda Insight popularly being sold in the island.

Honda Cars price list Sri Lanka

Honda Fit

New Honda Fit price: Rs. 3,800,000 - Rs. 4,500,000

Reconditioned Honda Fit price: Rs. 3,200,000 - Rs. 4,350,000

Used Honda Fit price: Rs. 2,375,000 - Rs. 4,150,000

Honda Vezel 

New Honda Vezel price: Rs. 5,450,000 - Rs. 6,100,000

Reconditioned Honda Vezel price: 5,000,000 to Rs. 5,200,000

Used Honda Vezel price: 5,000,000 - Rs. 5,200,000

Honda Civic 

New Honda Civic price: Rs. 6,500,000

Reconditioned Honda Civic price: Rs. 1,300,000 - 3,500,000

Used Honda Civic price: Rs. 1,300,000 - 3,500,000

Honda Insight 

New Honda Insight price: Rs. 3,500,000 - Rs. 4,000,000

Reconditioned Honda Insight price: Rs. 2,500,000 - 3,500,000

Used Honda Insight price: Rs. 2,500,000 - 3,500,000


Available Honda Hybrid Models: Honda Fit Hybrid, Honda Vezel, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight, Honda Accord Hybrid


Nissan for sale in Sri Lanka

Based in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan, the Nissan Motor Company Ltd is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1933, the company was initially named Datsun, the name that Nissan now uses for one of its subsidiary vehicle brands. It should be noted that the old Datsun was the first Japanese vehicle brand, to be imported to Sri Lanka. Today models such as the Nissan Leaf, the Nissan Sunny and the Nissan March are a common sight in Sri Lanka.

Nissan price list in Sri Lanka

Nissan Leaf 

New Nissan Leaf price: Rs. 2,875,000 - Rs. 3,850,000

Reconditioned Nissan Leaf price: Rs. 2,575,000 - Rs. 3,650,000

Used Nissan Leaf price: Rs. 2,550,000 - Rs. 3,225,000

Nissan Sunny 

New Nissan Sunny price: Rs. 6,300,000 - Rs. 6,600,000

Reconditioned Nissan Sunny price: Rs. 4,625,000 - Rs. 6,000,000

Used Nissan Sunny price: Rs. 2,350,000 - Rs. 4,300,000

Nissan X-Trail

New Nissan X-Trail price: Rs. 7,500,000 - Rs. 8,000,000

Reconditioned Nissan X-Trail price: Rs. 4,000,000 - Rs. 7,600,000

Used Nissan X-Trail price: Rs. 4,000,000 - Rs. 7,600,000

Nissan Pulsar 

Reconditioned Nissan Pulsar price: Rs. 790,000 to Rs. 1,450,000

Used Nissan Pulsar price: Rs. 790,000 to Rs. 1,450,000


Available Nissan Hybrid Models: Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid, Nissan Altima Hybrid, Nissan Rogue Hybrid, Nissan X-Trail Hybrid

Other notable vehicle brands found in Sri Lanka include:


Hybrid cars and vans in Sri Lanka

The Hybrid cars, which uses a technology that combines two power sources to generate locomotion is a highly popular vehicle variety found in Sri Lanka. What truly makes this type apart from the traditional fuel based cars are their excellent fuel efficiency that allows its owner to drive more with a lesser fuel cost. However, not only this, most Sri Lankans also prefer these cars due to the high level of facilities they offer for the passengers. From safety features to overall drive comfort, the Hybrid vehicles hit the sweet spot for what most Sri Lankan’s expect from a well-built car.

Currently there are a number of prominent hybrid vehicle models, available for buying within the Sri Lankan market. These may differ from price and fuel economy, but mainly includes the vehicles, as listed below.

Fuel Consumption of most popular Hybrid Car Models

  • Toyota Aqua: around 21 km/l on a combined driving cycle*
  • Toyota Prius: around 20 km/l on a combined driving cycle*
  • Suzuki Wagon R Hybrid: around 32.4 km/L under controlled tested driving conditions*
  • Honda Fit Hybrid: more than 20 km/l in city driving conditions*
  • Honda Vezel: estimated 18 km/l under tested conditions*
  • Honda Civic Hybrid: combined 19 km/l under tested conditions*
  • Honda Insight: around 20 km/l in standard city conditions*
  • Honda Accord Hybrid: combined 19.5 km/l under standard conditions*
  • Nissan X-Trail Hybrid: a combined fuel economy of around 20.6 km/L under tested conditions*
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: around 62 km/l (according to standard company specifications)*
  • Mercedes Benz E300: around 18 km/l on a combined cycle*
  • Mercedes Benz S400: around 12 km/l of combined driving*
  • Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: around 18.5 km/l for a highway drive*

(*Actual fuel consumption may differ in real world use)


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