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New and Used Honda Insight for Sale in Sri Lanka

Honda Insight for Sale in Sri Lanka | Honda Insight Price in Sri Lanka

The Honda Insight is a mid-size sedan available in Sri Lanka and is one of the leading choices in the hybrid car market. The original Insight was the second hybrid car to be imported into the country after the Toyota Prius, and subsequent models have found popularity, first due to the extremely fuel efficient engines and later due to increased availability of parts and mechanical expertise. The second-generation ZE-2 model found a much bigger footing in Sri Lanka, and became a highly popular car option for many hybrid car lovers. The Honda Insight’s first generation made it look a bit quirky, with the rear wheels being inside a wheel-well. This is no more the case, and the Insight car now looks quite mainstream. It comes with power steering, air conditioning and power windows as standard in most cars, as do multi-function steering wheels. Driving aids such as ABS and traction control are available on all models. Convenience features such as remote keyless entry and power door locks are standard in the newer generation of cars. Older, low-spec models have wheel covers on steel rims as standard, but most cars have alloy wheels installed. Currently, the Honda Insight LS cars are the most popular models found in the market.

Introduced to the world in 1999, the Honda Insight was one of the first as well as cheapest fully hybrid cars to be sold in the Sri Lankan market. The model has seen steady growth throughout the years, and is still considered as one of the best hybrids available to compete with the Toyota Prius. While the likes of Honda Civic now have hybrid options available at the same form factor, this remains the original choice for Hybrids from Honda. Third party vendors can now supply spare parts, and outside mechanics can fix the cars as well, unlike earlier days where only Stafford Motors had the expertise. The Honda Insight is an all-round performing, economical, convenient four-door sedan, which fits perfectly into the lifestyle of the Sri Lankan commuter, who would also want to periodically take the car for a long spin.

Honda Insight Review in Sri Lanka

Honda Insight Engine Specifications and Performance

As a hybrid vehicle from Honda, the Insight comes with admirable level of performance features to move itself forward on Sri Lanka’s rocky roads. The first generation, rarer cars, are powered by a 1.0 L in-line four cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor kicking in for hybrid power, with the second generation ZE-2 using a different 1.3 L and 1.5 L four-cylinders to replace the older model. Both models have a CVT, but the first generation had a manual setup whilst the latter version has an automatic one. The final generation of this car prominently came with a 1.3 L 4-cylinder petrol locomotive and had the capability to produce a notable level of power of its size and class. According to figures, the car generated 73 kW of power and 167 Nm of torque, giving it a maximum speed of 175 km/h on the type of highways found here in Sri Lanka.

  • Size: 1.3 L
  • Cylinders: 4-Cylinder
  • Maximum Output: 73 kW @ 5800 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 167 Nm @ 1000-1700 rpm
  • Top Speed: 175 km/h
  • Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)


Honda Insight Fuel Efficiency

The fuel economy is certainly the key feature of this car, and the Honda Insight Hybrid model offers an attractive fuel economy even in city conditions with its hybrid motor kicking in. The car comes with a reasonable 40 L fuel tank as well, which gives it a longer range on local roads.

  • Fuel Category: Petrol
  • Recommended Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 40 L
  • CO2 Emissions: ULEV-2/AT-PZEV


New Honda Insight Fuel Consumption (Combined)

  • Honda Insight 2014: 18.5 km/l
  • Honda Insight 2013: 18.9 km/l
  • Honda Insight 2012: 19.0 km/l
  • Honda Insight 2011: 18.2 km/l
  • Honda Insight 2010: 18.6 km/l
  • Honda Insight 2009: 18.6 km/l

Used or Reconditioned Honda Insight Fuel Consumption (Combined)

  • Honda Insight 2008: 18.8 km/l
  • Honda Insight 2007: 18.7 km/l
  • Honda Insight 2006: 24.6 km/l
  • Honda Insight 2005: 31.3 km/l
  • Honda Insight 2004: 22.1 km/l
  • Honda Insight 2003: 25.7 km/l

Honda Insight Features

Honda Insight Convenience and Entertainment Features

The Honda Insight for being a modern hybrid vehicle offers an assortment of comfort and convenience features for the passengers.

  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Power Windows
  • Cruise Control
  • AM/ FM/ CD Audio System
  • USB Audio Interface


Honda Insight Safety Features

The Honda Insight is built with safety in mind, with key features that could save your life on unpredictable roads seen in Sri Lanka.

  • Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)
  • Traction Control
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
  • Brake Assist
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)


The Design of Honda Insight

Honda Insight Interior Design Elements

The interior of the Insight is full of modern design related features that includes highly sort after aspects such as:

  • Tilt and Telescopic Steering Column
  • Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls
  • Beverage Holders
  • Center Console
  • Armrest and Storage Compartment
  • Seatback Pockets


Honda Insight Exterior Design Elements

The exterior of the Honda Insight is built to demonstrate its hybrid drivetrain and comes with elements that includes:

  • Fog Lights
  • Unit-Body Construction
  • Compact Spare Tire
  • Roof-Mounted Antenna
  • Folding Power Side Mirrors
  • Body-Colored Bumpers


Honda Insight Color Options

The Honda Insight does not disappoint potential buyers with its available color options and offers an array of pearl and metallic colors.

  • Grey Cloth (Interior)
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Mediterranean Blue Pearl
  • Milano Red
  • Polished Metal Metallic
  • Taffeta White


Honda Insight, Compared to Other High-Featured Cars in Sri Lanka

Without a surprise, the Honda Insight can be compared with the Toyota Prius, the Toyota Aqua and the Honda Fit, which are also the most popular hybrid vehicles sold in Sri Lanka.

  • Honda Insight vs. Toyota Prius - The Insight is cheaper in price when compared with the Prius
  • Honda Insight vs. Toyota Aqua - The Insight has a higher fuel capacity when compared with the Aqua
  • Honda Insight vs. Honda Fit - The Insight has a better fuel economy when compared with the Fit

Key Reasons to Buy a Honda Insight

If a buyer is considering buying the Honda Insight hybrid car, then also remember to consider the following aspects that can be a help for a better buying decision in the future.

Honda Insight Advantages:

  • Outstanding fuel economy
  • High volume cargo area
  • Advance comfort and convenience options
  • Excellent aftermarket value

Honda Insight Disadvantages:

  • For some drivers, the design elements of the dashboard of this car might be a bit too complicated at times
  • The Honda Insight may not have a performance-focused engine for the liking of some vehicle owners

Honda Insight Price List in Sri Lanka

If you are a buyer looking for a Honda Insight for sale in Sri Lanka, then consider our Honda Insight price list as mentioned below.

Honda Insight Price List at Carmudi.lk

New Honda Insight Price in Sri Lanka (As of 2016)

  • Honda Insight ZE 3 2014 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 5,500,000
  • Honda Insight 2013 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 5,000,000
  • Honda Insight NZE3 2012 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,650,000
  • Honda Insight 2011 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,235,000
  • Honda Insight Hybrid 2010 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,000,000
  • Honda Insight 2009 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 3,550,000

Used Honda Insight Price in Sri Lanka (As of 2016)

  • Honda Insight 2008 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 3,375,000
  • Honda Insight 2007 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 3,000,000
  • Honda Insight 2006 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 2,650,000
  • Honda Insight 2005 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 2,150,000
  • Honda Insight 2004 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 2,100,000
  • Honda Insight 2003 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 1,850,000

Where to Find Honda Insight Latest Offers in Sri Lanka?

Typically for the majority of popular Honda vehicles sold in the country, the go to place is the authorized distributor for the brand, the Stafford Motor Company (Pvt) Ltd. However, for a dynamic buyer who would like to explore more options can also get in contact with third party distributors, based in major cities throughout the country.

Discover the Selection of Honda Insight Latest Offers for Sale in Sri Lanka


Know More about the Honda Insight Price List in Sri Lanka by Built Year

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