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New and Used Land Rover Defender for Sale in Sri Lanka

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The Land Rover Defender is possibly the most recognized and most popular SUV in Sri Lanka, and is one of the oldest in the Sri Lankan market. It is a highly sought after vehicle in Sri Lanka for its rugged looks, superior off-road performance and sporty nature. This makes the likes of Nissan’s Patrol and Toyota’s Land Cruiser seem like little kids who have come out to play in the big league. From every angle, the Land Rover looks rugged and ready to go, with none of the aerodynamic curves that are found on modern cars. The design remains true to the old Land Rover series I, II and III, with the SUV’s evolution being obvious at each corner, down to its signal indicator lights. While modern creature comforts such as air conditioning and cruise controls are available on most new models, due to the variety of options that were available through the years, means that each car is significantly different from the next. Most follow the five-seat layout, with some newer models having a seven-seat configuration in the cabin.

All models, from the Land Rover 90 and the 110 are available in the Sri Lankan market, right up to the new Defender. Every instance of the vehicle too, can be found in Sri Lanka, including three-door, five-door, pickup, van, and even the rare 6x6 of the version. The Defender is a proven, popular, and highly sought-after SUV in Sri Lanka that can give the likes of Toyota’s Land Cruiser and Nissan’s Patrol a run for their money. If you are looking for a rugged 4x4 that will take you literally anywhere, this is the vehicle for you. Parts and repairs are widely available in Sri Lanka with several specialized dealers importing original parts and accessories, as does the local dealer, the Frontier Automobiles.

Land Rover Defender Review in Sri Lanka

Land Rover Defender Engine Specifications and Performance

The Defender is in fact one of the most powerful vehicles for its size and class, with an advanced range of features to enhance its powertrain. The Land Rover Defender vehicles sold in Sri Lanka came with various engines, with most of them being diesels. The four-cylinder Td4 and the five-cylinder Td5 are the most popular, with the latter becoming the de-facto engine for newer SUV’s. All vehicles come with locking differentials in the front, rear and the center. Low-ratio gearboxes are also included and independent suspension that gives the four wheels extreme angles of articulation to find grip in any form of rough surface. The most popular Land Rover Defender’s now comes with a 2.2 L 4-cylinder engine that also commonly uses a 6-speed manual transmission. This engine unsurprisingly produces a notably high 91 kW of power and 360 Nm of torque, which allows it to achieve a top speed of more than 145 km/h on the roads seen in our island.

  • Size: 2.2 L
  • Cylinders: 4-Cylinder
  • Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
  • Maximum Output: 91 kW @ 3,500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 360 Nm @ 2,000 rpm
  • Top Speed: 145 km/h


Land Rover Defender Fuel Efficiency

The fuel economy of the Land Rover Defender might not be the most impressive aspect of this vehicle, with this off-road SUV achieving a relatively below average fuel consumption figure on the cities as well as on the highways. Overall, the Land Rover Defender has a combined fuel economy of roughly 9.0 km/l in Sri Lanka.

  • Fuel Category: Diesel
  • Recommended Fuel Type: Regular
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 75 L
  • CO2 Emissions: 295 g/km (As tested by LTA)


New Land Rover Defender Fuel Consumption (Combined)

  • Land Rover Defender 2016: 9.8 km/l
  • Land Rover Defender 2015: 9.6 km/l
  • Land Rover Defender 2014: 9.8 km/l
  • Land Rover Defender 2013: 8.5 km/l
  • Land Rover Defender 2012: 8.8 km/l
  • Land Rover Defender 2011: 8.6 km/l

Used or Reconditioned Land Rover Defender Fuel Consumption (Combined)

  • Land Rover Defender 2010: 9.2 km/l
  • Land Rover Defender 2009: 8.1 km/l
  • Land Rover Defender 2008: 7.7 km/l
  • Land Rover Defender 2007: 9.0 km/l
  • Land Rover Defender 2006: 8.7 km/l
  • Land Rover Defender 2005: 7.9 km/l

Land Rover Defender Features

Land Rover Defender Convenience and Entertainment Features

As an advanced SUV, the Land Rover Defender comes with an array of comfort and convenience features to keep its passengers busy on rough roads.

  • Air Conditioning
  • AM/ FM Stereo
  • CD Audio System
  • DVD Player
  • Audio Aux/ USB Port
  • Driver and Passenger Sun Visor


Land Rover Defender Safety Features

The safety is in fact one of the key selling points of this unique model and therefore has a number of design elements to enhance the safety and security while on the road.

  • Driver Airbags
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Electric Traction Control (ETC)
  • Dynamic Stability Control
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Security Alarm


The Design of Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender Interior Design Elements

Without a surprise, the interior design of the Land Rover Defender is comprised with an assortment of features for the benefit of the passengers.

  • Third Row Seats
  • Knockdown Rear Seats
  • Leather Seats
  • Second Row Rear Bench Seat
  • Rubber Floor Trim
  • Console Storage Tray


Land Rover Defender Exterior Design Elements

When it comes to the exterior design, expect to see many aftermarket upgrades that can add more value to the Land Rover Defender in the long term.

  • Fog Lights
  • Side Skirts
  • Tinted Glass
  • Halogen Headlights
  • Rear Mud Flaps
  • Rear Folding Step


Land Rover Defender Color Options

The Land Rover Defender offers a wide array of color options to attract more prospective buyers from the local market.

  • Indus Silver
  • Baltic Blue
  • Orkney Grey
  • Aintree Green
  • Firenze Red
  • Santorini Black


Land Rover Defender, Compared to Other High-Featured SUV’s in Sri Lanka

It is possible to compare the Land Rover Defender with other high-end models such as the BMW X3, the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Kia Sorento.

  • Land Rover Defender vs. BMW X3 - The Defender comes with a bigger engine compared to the X3
  • Land Rover Defender vs. Hyundai Santa Fe - The Defender has a longer wheelbase when compared to the Santa Fe
  • Land Rover Defender vs. Kia Sorento - The Defender has a larger fuel capacity when compared with the Sorento

Key Reasons to Buy a Land Rover Defender

If you are also thinking about buying this powerful machine, then do not forget to consider the following aspects of this vehicle as well, for a better buying decision.

Land Rover Defender Advantages:

  • Rough and tough build quality
  • Available seating space for nine passengers
  • Class leading safety features
  • Very high aftermarket value in Sri Lanka

Land Rover Defender Disadvantages:

  • One of the notable disadvantages of the Land Rover Defender is in fact it is below average fuel economy
  • Another notable disadvantage, especially in the Sri Lankan market, is its relatively high price margin

Land Rover Defender Price List in Sri Lanka

If you are searching for a Land Rover Defender for sale in Sri Lanka, then remember to look through our Land Rover Defender price list here at Carmudi.

Land Rover Defender Price List at Carmudi.lk

New Land Rover Defender Price in Sri Lanka (As of 2016)

  • Land Rover Defender 2016 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 23,800,000
  • Land Rover Defender 2015 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 22,000,000
  • Land Rover Defender KAHN 2014 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 21,000,000
  • Land Rover Defender 2013 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 18,500,000
  • Land Rover Defender Puma 2012 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 16,800,000
  • Land Rover Defender 2011 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 11,450,000

Used Land Rover Defender Price in Sri Lanka (As of 2016)

  • Land Rover Defender 2010 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 11,300,000
  • Land Rover Defender 2009 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 10,730,000
  • Land Rover Defender 2008 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 9,850,000
  • Land Rover Defender 2007 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 9,250,000
  • Land Rover Defender 110 2006 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 6,800,000
  • Land Rover Defender 2005 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 6,220,000

Where to Find Land Rover Defender Latest Offers in Sri Lanka?

For a buyer who is searching for a brand new Land Rover Defender from the local market can do so by getting in contact with the authorized distributor for the brand, the SML Frontier Automotive (Private) Limited. Nevertheless, for someone who is looking for a used or reconditioned vehicle, can buy one from the dozens of third party distributors who are located in major cities across Sri Lanka.

Discover the Selection of Land Rover Defender Latest Offers for Sale in Sri Lanka


Know More about the Land Rover Defender Price List in Sri Lanka by Built Year

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