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Lexus Cars for Sale in Sri Lanka

Lexus cars for Sale in Sri Lanka | Lexus car price in Sri Lanka

The highly renowned Lexus brand is the luxury arm of the world-famous Japanese automaker, the Toyota Motor Corporation. Lexus as a separate vehicle brand was first unveiled to the world more than 27 years ago in 1989 in the United States, and is now sold around the world in more than 70 different countries and territories. The brand offers a full range of vehicles that includes sedans, coupes, convertibles as well as various SUV models. Lexus is also among the ten largest Japanese Global brands in terms of market value, and at present runs operational centers in Belgium as well as within the United States of America.

Currently Headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, the Lexus brand has now grown substantially through the 90’s and the 2000’s to become one of the most trusted luxury vehicle brands in the world. According to vehicle reliability statistics, Lexus has scored the highest marks by displaying the least amount of technical issues in its lineup, which made it an undeniable competitor to other well-known luxury brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW.

Lexus Vehicles in Sri Lanka

Lexus as a luxury brand made its mark during the latter half of the 1990s. While the United States was the first country to receive cars and SUV’s under the Lexus nameplate, other countries, including Sri Lanka, saw the arrival of these luxury vehicles to their respective markets since the early 2000’s. The absolute innovative engineering designs of the Lexus vehicles coupled with an excellent marketing campaign, made sure that upper middle class to higher consumers who were willing to spend an extra buck to enjoy a class-leading car right at their hands will adopt this brand. As a result, Lexus is now one of the fastest growing luxury vehicle brands not only in Sri Lanka, but also around the world.

Currently, there is no permanent agent for Lexus in Sri Lanka. However, there are not one, but dozens of specialized vehicle importers who import brand new or reconditioned models to the island, who further provides all the necessary services and accessories to make it easier to maintain a Lexus vehicle in Sri Lanka.

5 Reasons to Buy a Lexus

  • Lexus cars are known to be highly dependable and can take on the worst conditions thrown at it's way
  • Lexus vehicles are a thrill to drive since it provides exceptional driving dynamics while offering immaculate handling capabilities
  • The ride comfort, build quality, the use of some of the finest materials on the interior and exterior coupled with above average fuel economy figures help make Lexus cars to cut above the rest
  • Lexus uses cutting-edge advanced technology and provides a long list of standard features, driving assists and safety equipment to the passengers
  • Practically all Lexus models have won the hearts of many driving enthusiasts, due to its performance and unmatched reliability

Top 3 Best Selling Lexus Models in Sri Lanka

These are the most popular Lexus vehicles (Sedans, Subcompacts, Hatchbacks, Crossovers, SUV’s, MPV’s and Vans etc...), sold in Sri Lanka.

  1. Lexus NX 300 h

The Lexus NX 300 h is one of the latest hybrid crossover SUV offerings from Lexus that is imported to the luxury SUV market in Sri Lanka. It is loved for its bold, aggressive and futuristic looks, ride comfort and driving dynamics. You will be able to buy an unregistered Lexus NX 300 h in Sri Lanka for around 16 - 17 million Rupees. The NX 300 h is a truly powerful machine for its size that generates more than 144 kW of power and an impressive acceleration of less than 9.5 seconds to reach 0 to 100 km/h even on local roads, which is certainly a fact to consider when buying a performance related luxury SUV in Sri Lanka.

Lexus NX 300 h Hybrid Model: Available

Price of the Lexus NX 300 h (As Of 2016): Reconditioned or used vehicles, between Rs. 16,500,000 to Rs. 17,000,000

  1. Lexus GS 450 h

The Lexus GS 450 h is a high-end luxury sedan from Lexus that is popular among company executives for its sheer ride comfort and the amenities offered. If you intend to purchase a registered Lexus GS 450 h from the Sri Lankan market then you will find that the price ranges from 6.5 - 7.5 million Rupees. For this value, the Lexus GS 450 h comes with an impressive engine train, which can generate a power output that exceeds 252 kW and an acceleration of around 5.7 seconds, from 0 to 100 km/h that is even on par with some sports models seen in Sri Lanka. It also has an admirable fuel economy of around 14 km/l on the type of roads seen here.

Lexus GS 450 h Hybrid Model: Available

Price of the Lexus GS 450 h (As Of 2016): Reconditioned or used vehicles, between Rs. 6,500,000 to Rs. 7,500,000

  1. Lexus RX 300

The Lexus RX 300 is a mid-size luxury SUV that has managed to win the hearts of many, with its unique prominent looks and outstanding ride comfort. A registered RX 300 is most likely to fall on between the 3.5 - 5 million Rupee price brackets, which is an affordable margin for the majority of luxury vehicle buyers in Sri Lanka. Introduced to the world more than 18 years ago in 1998, the RX 300 comes with a powerful 3.0 L V6 drivetrain that manage to generate more than 164 kW of maximum power and more than 300 Nm of torque to move its wheels. Nevertheless, it also has advanced comfort and convenience features to keep its passengers busy for a long distance ride.

Lexus RX 300 Hybrid Model: Not Available

Price of the Lexus RX 300 (As Of 2016): Reconditioned or used vehicles, between Rs. 3,500,000 to Rs. 5,000,000

Other notable Lexus models found in Sri Lanka includes the Lexus RX 400, and the Lexus CT 200 h

Lexus Hybrid Vehicles Found in Sri Lanka

Similar to most other luxury vehicle manufacturers, Lexus has also been experimenting with groundbreaking fuel saving technologies to power its range of sedans as well as SUV’s. In fact, the company has done more innovations compared to others, particularly when developing Hybrid drivetrains, largely thanks to the technological legacy of Toyota. As a result, Lexus is now the leading premium hybrid-vehicle manufacturer in the world, producing more Hybrid models compared to any of its closest contenders. These vehicles include models from its CT, GS, ES, LS and RX range with notable models such as the Lexus NX 300 h crossover SUV and the Lexus GS 450 h sedan. However, currently, these models are available within the Sri Lankan market, though a special order might be needed to import a brand new one through a third party distributor.

Lexus NX 300 h: around 14 km/l on a combined drive cycle

Lexus GS 450 h: around 14.4 km/l on a combined drive cycle

Availability of Lexus in Sri Lanka

As of 2016, for a vehicle buyer who is searching for a genuine Lexus branded vehicle can find one from a number of specialized vehicle importers, who import this brand to Sri Lanka. Some of these prominent third party distributors can be found within the cities mentioned below.

Discover the Selection of Lexus for Sale in Your City on Carmudi Sri Lanka

New, Reconditioned and Used Lexus for Sale in Colombo

New, Reconditioned and Used Lexus for Sale in Gampaha

New, Reconditioned and Used Lexus for Sale in Kandy

Did You Know?

The unique development process of Lexus vehicles is called “IDEAL” or Impressive, Dynamic, Elegant, Advanced, and Lasting. This is comprised of 500 strict standards that are called the "Lexus Musts", which must be met before a vehicle leaves the factory.

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