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Mitsubishi Mirage for sale in Sri Lanka

Mitsubishi Mirage for sale

Review, images, specification, design and price of Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mirage has been rolling off of the Mitsubishi productions lines since 1978. Older versions of the Mitsubishi Mirage in Sri Lanka is available in both hatchback, coupé and sedan forms whilst the latest (sixth generation) model is only available as a hatchback while its sedan variant is marketed under the "Attrage" moniker. The Mirage enjoys a considerable amount of popularity of Sri Lankan roads and the most common models belong to the fifth and sixth generations.

Mitsubishi Mirage Review

Mitsubishi Mirage Engine, Fuel Consumption and Performance

Fifth generation models were most commonly fitted with either a 1.5 L 4G15 I4 or 1.6 L 4G92 I4 and comes with either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic. On the fuel economy front the fifth generation Mitsubishi Mirage in Sri Lanka gets between 8-9 Km/l in the city and up to 12 Km/l in the city.

The latest Mitsubishi Mirage in Sri Lanka focuses on improved fuel economy and therefore is fitted with a frugal 1.2 L 3A92 I3 engine which comes with either a 5-speed manual of CVT automatic gear box. This pairing works favorably on the fuel economy front and has recorded up to 18 Km/l on combined driving cycles on Sri Lankan roads.

Design and Features of Mitsubishi Mirage

The fifth generation Mitsubishi Mirage in Sri Lanka had aggressive design cues and became an instant hit among street racing enthusiasts. This particular model boasts of high stability levels and better handling than most of their counterparts.  The sixth generation model was only available in the hatchback form and the design cues employed unfortunately does not make it a head turner.

Fifth generation models came with Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Shutters, Power Mirrors and Central locking and the later models also came with Dual SRS airbags and driving assists such as ABS.  The latter model came with driving assists such as Hill Start Assist, EBD, Active Stability Control, 7 Standard Airbags with driver’s knee airbag, Immobilizer, Push start and a 4-speaker entertainment system.

What are the best features of Mitsubishi Mirage

As previously stated, the fifth generation Mitsubishi Mirage in Sri Lanka stands out for its performance and exceptional handling whereas the latest model scores high due to factors such as improved fuel economy, safety, extensive list of features and driving assists which makes it an absolute bargain and a car that is easy to maintain.

Mitsubishi Mirage Price in Sri Lanka 

If you wish to buy a fifth generation Mitsubishi Mirage in Sri Lanka you will find that prices usually range from 1.4 - 1.6 million Rupees based on the trim level and year of manufacture.

If you intend to buy a sixth generation Mitsubishi Mirage in Sri Lanka you will find that prices range from 3.4 - 3.8 Million Rupees based on the trim level.

Why you should buy Mitsubishi Mirage ?

Models belonging to the fifth and sixth generations are worlds apart and appeals to different customer segments. The fifth generation will appeal to you if your purchase decision is driven by performance, handling and overall driving dynamics whereas the sixth generation model will seem viable to you if you are more conscious about fuel economy and value for money.

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