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Nissan Clipper for Sale in Sri Lanka

Nissan Clipper for Sale in Sri Lanka | Nissan Clipper Price  in Sri Lanka

Nissan Clipper Review

The Nissan "Clipper" badge was revived in the early 2000’s as Nissan’s only mini commercial vehicle range. The NV 100 range presents a set of mini commercial vans whereas the NT100 range comprises of mini Single Cab Lorries. The Nissan Clipper in Sri Lanka has managed to gain a considerable popularity for its fuel economy, above average loading capacity, ease of use and agile turning performance.

The Clipper range is ideal for use under rugged conditions and has found to be effective against rust since 95% of the body is comprised of corrosion-proof steel plates. It has become a firm favorite especially among small families and business owners due to its roomy cabin and the long list of features that comes as standard. The multi-reflector halogen headlamps and the xenon headlights found in the newer models give the Clipper a bold and more desirable look when compared with the models offered by the competitors.

Top 10 Things to Know When Buying a Nissan Clipper

1. History and Facts about Nissan Clipper in Sri Lanka 

The modern version of the Clipper we see today, can trace its heritage back to 2003, when the nameplate was revitalized, to be given to Nissans latest minivan as the Nissan Clipper.

The Clipper in Sri Lanka is synonymous with durability and ease of use and is undoubtedly one of the best options that are available in the market. The vehicle is agile, nimble, yet spirited and has been engineered to withstand some of the toughest conditions and carry some of the biggest payloads. Maintaining a new or used Nissan Clipper in Sri Lanka will not prove to be difficult as parts are readily available at reasonable prices among specialized dealers across the country. Indeed, the Clipper is highly recommended, especially for the countries middle class vehicle buyers. If you have set your mind on buying a new or used Nissan Clipper, then it will be a cakewalk for you since there are many models available throughout the country to fit your tastes.

2. Nissan Clipper Specifications and Performance

For its smaller and more economical form factor, the Nissan Clipper does come with an interesting array of performance related features, to gain the attention of any Sri Lankan van lover.

Engine Specs:

  • Type: R06A SOHC
  • Size: 660 cc
  • Cylinders: 03-cylinder
  • Compression Ratio: 10.2
  • Maximum Output: 47 kW @ 6000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 62 Nm @ 4000 rpm
  • Transmission: 5-speed Auto Gear Shift (5AGS)
  • Top Speed: 177 km/h
  • Steering Specs: Power assisted rack & pinion
  • Drive Type: Rear wheel drive
  • Suspension (Front / Rear): Strut/ 3 link
  • Brakes (Front / Rear): Ventilated disc/ drum
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1910 mm x 1385 mm x 1240 mm
  • Curb Weight: 980 kg
  • Seating Capacity: 4-seats

3. Nissan Clipper Fuel Consumption

The Clipper is powered by a 660 cc engine that is coupled with automatic transmission, which provides ample power to propel the vehicle forward even with a full load. The small size of the Clipper plays to its advantage, as it provides heightened levels of maneuverability and turning performance, with a minimum turn radius of just 4.1 m.

The Nissan Clipper series also provides the best in class fuel economy, as declared in October 2013. Nissan’s Clippers perform well in Sri Lankan tight road conditions and have recorded an in city fuel economy of around 16-17 km/l and around 19-20 km/l on the country's highways.

  • Fuel Category: Petrol
  • Recommended Fuel Type: A95
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 40L
  • CO2 Emissions: SU-LEV certification (2015)

4. Design and Features of Nissan Clipper

Interior: The interior design of the Nissan Clipper comes with a colorful range of features to assist its passengers, and includes Air-Conditioning, Folding Front Passenger Seats, Overhead Shelf, Rear Heaters, Full-Flat Adjustable Seats, Power Windows, Power Steering, Keyless Enter, Radio, CD player, Speakers as well as a Dehumidifier.

Exterior: The exterior of the Clipper is striking, and includes facilities such as Sliding Doors, a Large Rear Door, Multi-Reflector Halogen Headlights, Xenon Headlights, Heated Door Mirrors, Power-Folding Door Mirrors, a High Mount Stop Lamp, Rear Windshield Wipers, Real Windshield Washers, an Ultraviolet Glass as well as the Privacy Glass.

5. Available Color Options of Nissan Clipper in Sri Lanka

For Interior: Gray

For Exterior: Black, Purple, Silver, Grey and White colors

6. Safety Rating And Associated Features of the Clipper

Even though for its size and category, the Nissan Clipper comes with an impressive range of safety features, that can make any minivan enthusiast in Sri Lanka to fall in love with this model.

  • High-Performance Car Alarm
  • Control Entry System
  • Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication
  • SRS Airbag System
  • Double Pretensioner Seatbelt
  • Emergency Locking Retractor Seats
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)
  • Forward Emergency Braking
  • Working Lamps
  • Auto Light System
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC)
  • TCS Functions
  • Intelligent Key
  • Engine Start Button
  • Electronic Auto Step
  • Emergency Stop Signal
  • Lightweight Shock-Absorbent Body
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Vehicle Immobilizer

7. Which are the Standout Elements of Nissan Clipper

The finish of the Clipper is of high quality and can stand the true test of time. Among the standout features are the best in class fuel economy and above average cabin space presented in both the minivan and single cab models.

Both the NT100 and NV100 versions come with a range of options and extensive safety features, some of which are not even found on some high priced sedans. All of these factors come together to help position the Clipper one of the most viable options in Sri Lanka.

8. Nissan Clipper Compared To Other Vans In Sri Lanka

Belonging to a special minivan category, the Nissan Clipper can ideally be compared with the Suzuki Every, the Daihatsu Hijet and the Subaru Sambar, which are available in the Sri Lankan market.

Nissan Clipper vs. Suzuki Every - The Clipper has a better turning performance than the Every

Nissan Clipper vs. Daihatsu Hijet - The Clipper has a higher fuel economy compared to the Hijet

Nissan Clipper vs. Subaru Sambar - The Clipper has more spare part availability in Sri Lanka than the Sambar

9. Key Reasons to Buy a Nissan Clipper van

If you have considered on buying a Nissan Clipper for your business or personal use, then consider the following aspects of this vehicle, which will assist you in making a more informed buying decision.


  • Class leading fuel economy for its minivan category
  • Cheaper price margins in Sri Lanka compared to larger van models
  • Uncompromising level of comfort related features
  • Having good spare part availability throughout the country
  • Brand recognition for Nissan in Sri Lanka that provides a good aftermarket value


Due to its main function as a highly productive minivan, some users may not find the multimedia playback options provided in the Nissan Clipper to be satisfactory to their tastes. However, it does come with CD playback and FM radio features for typical entertainment purposes.

As a small size vehicle, the Clipper only supports two adults in its rear seats, making the total number of passengers to just four adults. However, the space provided for these four passengers are much roomier compared to some larger vans that are found in the market.

10. Where to Find a Nissan Clipper for Sale in Sri Lanka?

The Associated Motorways (AMW), which also imports branded Renault and Suzuki vehicles to Sri Lanka, is also the authorized distributor for genuine Nissan vehicles and spare parts sold in the country. However, for those who wish to buy a new or reconditioned Nissan Clipper, can also look through many of the third party suppliers who are based in prominent cities across the island.

Discover the Selection of Nissan Clipper for Sale in Your City on Carmudi Sri Lanka

Nissan Clipper Price in Sri Lanka

If you are searching for a reconditioned or used Nissan Clipper for either for a personal or business purpose, then such a vehicle can cost you anything in-between Rs. 1,800,000 to Rs. 2,350,000 as of (2015), subject to its level of renovations, secondhand condition and the model year.

Nissan Clipper Price List on Carmudi.lk

Price for Reconditioned or Used Nissan Clipper (As Of 2015)

  1. Nissan Clipper (2011): Rs. 1,800,000
  2. Nissan Clipper NV100 (2012): Rs. 1,825,000
  3. Nissan Clipper (2012): Rs. 1,950,000
  4. Nissan Clipper NV100 GX (2012): Rs. 2,150,000
  5. Nissan Clipper Join NV100 (2013): Rs. 2,350,000
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