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New and Used Nissan X-Trail for Sale in Sri Lanka

Nissan X-Trail for sale | Nissan X-Trail price

The Nissan X-Trail is a gorgeous, sleek, powerful SUV built for both off-road and city driving. Comfortable and stylish, this SUV is a dream vehicle for many Sri Lankan vehicle owners. As a slightly crossover type vehicle, the X-Trail faces competition from the Mitsubishi Pajero as well as the Toyota Fortuner among others. However, it is holding its place quite well, and is now available in its third generation. The Sri Lankan market for the Nissan X-Trail is promising, with many vehicle owners opting for the Nissan X-Trail for a variety of reasons.

The Nissan X-Trail is a good option for those preferring SUVs, and is practical, versatile, and quite powerful. Available at Associated Motorways (AMW), the SUV offers sleek designs, space, safety, and riding comfort. Nissan dealers in Sri Lanka offer spare parts as well as other accessories, so repairs and maintenance activities are relatively easy to follow.

Inside the X-Trail, dual tones add style to a spacious and comfortable interior with good lumbar support. The standard features of rear AC ducts, cup holders, ticket holders, auto air conditioning, and sun visor are great for family driving, although the 5-person seating capacity is on the lower side of other SUVs. The newer X-Trail has the option of switching from 5 to 7 seats and vice versa with floor integrated seats, so that your boot remains flat with the folded seat. The X-Trail is great for entertainment, with a 2-Din music system offering a radio, a CD player, an MP3 player, six speakers, steering controls mounted on the audio, and Bluetooth connectivity. The safety features are up to standard, with dual front, side, and curtain airbags. The rear side doors opens up to 80 degrees, surpassing the normal range with ease. The vehicle is built for cargo and passengers, with more space, and greater ease when loading cargo. The newer X-Trail 2015 offers the option of easily choosing between auto mode, two-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive, with a switch placed on the center console.

The New Nissan X-Trail 2016 is Finally Here in Sri Lanka!

Nissan X-Trail 2016 in Sri Lanka

How is the Nissan X-Trail 2016 Different From the 2015 Model?

The new Nissan X-Trail 2016 compared to the 2015 model offers a number of crucial improvements to its drivetrain.

  • New Upmarket Interior Layout
  • Innovative On-Road and Off-Road Capabilities
  • A Refined 7-Seat Trim
  • Improved Mileage

What are New Nissan X-Trail 2016 Standout Features?

The all-new Nissan X-Trail 2016 stands out from the rest of the crowd with a wide array of innovative features.

  • Advanced Active Ride Control Function
  • The Common Module Family (CMF) Platform
  • New Electronic 4WD (Four-Wheel-Drive) System
  • New and Refined Navigation System

What are Nissan X-Trail 2016 Design Updates?

The brand new Nissan X-Trail 2016 comes with upgraded design features to both its interior and exterior.

  • Black, Chrome and Beige Interior Highlights
  • New Piano-Black Finish on the Centre Console
  • Refined Boomerang Taillights
  • Upgraded Roof Rack Headlight-Reflectors

What is the Nissan X-Trail 2016 Price in Sri Lanka?

The Nissan X-Trail 2016 price in Sri Lanka is subject to the optional trim as well as the local dealer.

  • Nissan X-Trail Mode Premier 2016: Rs. 8,625,000
  • Nissan X Trail Hybrid 2016: Rs. 8,875,000
  • Nissan X-Trail Pure Drive 2016: Rs. 9,400,000
  • Nissan X-Trail 2016: Rs. 9,600,000

Nissan X-Trail Review in Sri Lanka

Nissan X-Trail Engine Specifications and Performance

The Nissan X-Trail provides plenty of power to move its wheels on rocky roads seen in Sri Lanka. The X-Trail is equipped with a Petrol/ Diesel engine; a gearbox with an automatic transmission or Nissan’s proprietary Xtronic CVT transmission, which is coupled with a 2.0 L DOHC 4-cylinder locomotive. Nevertheless, this engine is also capable of producing a notable level of power, which is more than 125 kW of maximum energy and more than 225 Nm of torque. This gives this vehicle the necessary power to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h at just around 12 seconds, while also reaching a top speed that exceeds 180 km/h on the highways seen here in Sri Lanka. Happily, the vehicle is also easy to handle with light steering and comes with an advanced electronic power assisted steering system, which makes it easier to tackle the tough unpredictable roads in most Sri Lankan cities.

  • Size: 2.0 L
  • Cylinders: 4-Cylinder
  • Transmission: Automatic, Xtronic CVT
  • Maximum Output: 126 kW @ 6000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 226 Nm @ 4400 rpm
  • Top Speed: 180 km/h


Nissan X-Trail Fuel Efficiency

The Nissan X-Trail, for its size and class has a reasonably good fuel economy that can tackle both city driving as well as the highways of Sri Lanka. The X-Trail comes with a Diesel as well as a more advanced Hybrid Petrol engine, and has a bigger 60 L fuel tank that gives it a longer range on local roads.

  • Fuel Category: Hybrid Petrol/ Diesel
  • Recommended Fuel Type: Unleaded - 91 RON (Petrol)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 60 L
  • CO2 Emissions: 178 g/km (As tested by LTA)


New Nissan X-Trail Fuel Consumption (Combined)

  • Nissan X-Trail 2016: 8.5 km/l
  • Nissan X-Trail 2015: 10.2 km/l
  • Nissan X-Trail 2014: 14.5 km/l
  • Nissan X-Trail 2013: 10.0 km/l
  • Nissan X-Trail 2012: 11.4 km/l
  • Nissan X-Trail 2011: 6.9 km/l

Used or Reconditioned Nissan X-Trail Fuel Consumption (Combined)

  • Nissan X-Trail 2010: 12.5 km/l
  • Nissan X-Trail 2009: 12.6 km/l
  • Nissan X-Trail 2008: 10.0 km/l
  • Nissan X-Trail 2007: 10.8 km/l
  • Nissan X-Trail 2006: 9.8 km/l
  • Nissan X-Trail 2005: 9.5 km/l

Nissan X-Trail Features

Nissan X-Trail Convenience and Entertainment Features

The Nissan X-Trail comes with an array of modern and innovative features that includes

  • Heated Seats
  • Navigation System
  • Onboard Hard-Drive
  • Power Seats
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Sunglasses Holder


Nissan X-Trail Safety Features

The safety is an important aspect that has been address within the Nissan X-Trail SUV and comes with a range of options to keep its passengers safe for the journey.

  • Front Seatbelts with Load Limiters and Pretensioners
  • 3 Point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR)
  • Driver and Front Passenger Seatbelt Height Adjustment
  • Seatbelt Warning
  • Child Restraint Anchorage
  • Rear Door Child Locks


The Design of Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail Interior Design Elements

The interior of the Nissan X-Trail looks almost as a luxury grade vehicle with design elements such as

  • Cup Holders
  • Sunroof
  • Third Row Seats
  • Leather Seats
  • Drive-Assist Display
  • 6 Speakers


Nissan X-Trail Exterior Design Elements

The exterior of the Nissan X-Trail demonstrates Nissan’s advanced design capabilities and comes with features that includes

  • HID Lights
  • Roof Rack
  • Side Skirts
  • Spoiler
  • Spotlights
  • Tinted Glass


Nissan X-Trail Color Options

The Nissan X-Trail is an eye catching vehicle both inside and out with a variety of color options to choose from

  • Brilliant Pearl White
  • Brilliant Silver
  • Red
  • Diamond Black
  • Gray Metallic
  • Orange Metallic


Nissan X-Trail, Compared to Other High-Featured SUV’s in Sri Lanka

The Nissan X-Trail can be compared with other notable SUV models sold in Sri Lanka such as the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, the Honda CR-V and the Mitsubishi Outlander.

  • Nissan X-Trail vs. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado - The X-Trail is cheaper in price compared to the Prado
  • Nissan X-Trail vs. Honda CR-V - The X-Trail comes with a 7-seat option compared to the CR-V
  • Nissan X-Trail vs. Mitsubishi Outlander - The X-Trail has a more powerful engine compared to the Outlander

Key Reasons to Buy a Nissan X-Trail

If you are a buyer who is thinking about owning a Nissan X-Trail SUV, then do not forget to look at the following pros and cons as well, which will help you to arrive at a better buying decision.

Nissan X-Trail Advantages

  • Superb comfort and convenience facilities
  • Excellent safety and security options
  • High aftermarket value
  • Roomy interior space

Nissan X-Trail Disadvantages

  • One of the most notable disadvantages of the Nissan X-Trail is nothing other than its high price margin
  • Some might find the stock options provided for infotainment to be not up to their tastes

Nissan X-Trail Price List in Sri Lanka

Learn more about the latest Nissan X-Trail price in Sri Lanka by checking out our Nissan X-Trail price list as given below

Nissan X-Trail Price List at Carmudi.lk

New Nissan X-Trail Price in Sri Lanka (As of 2016)

  • Nissan X-Trail Pure Drive 2016 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 9,400,000
  • Nissan X-Trail Hybrid 4WD 2015 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 9,100,000
  • Nissan X-Trail 2014 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 7,450,000
  • Nissan X Trail 2013 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 6,500,000
  • Nissan X Trail 2012 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 6,150,000
  • Nissan X Trail Petrol 2011 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 5,350,000

Used Nissan X-Trail Price in Sri Lanka (As of 2016)

  • Nissan X Trail Petrol 2010 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 5,300,000
  • Nissan X Trail Petrol 2009 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 5,215,000
  • Nissan X Trail Petrol 2008 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,850,000
  • Nissan X-Trail 2007 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,600,000
  • Nissan X Trail Petrol 2006 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,450,000
  • Nissan X Trail 2005 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,100,000

Where to Find Nissan X-Trail Latest Offers in Sri Lanka?

As of 2016, the best option available for a buyer who is searching for a Nissan X-Trail is to obtain it directly from the authorized distributor for Nissan vehicles in Sri Lanka, the Associated Motorways (Private) Limited. However, this SUV is also available through third party distributors, based in prominent cities mentioned below.

Discover the Selection of Nissan X-Trail Latest Offers for Sale in Sri Lanka


Know More about the Nissan X-Trail Price List in Sri Lanka by Built Year

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