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Rs. 3,150,000 Negotiable


Athula liyanage
  • 16,000 Km

Used as a second vehicle. Lady owned The vehicle is in good condition.

Rs. 2,960,000 Negotiable


Www Dissanayake77
  • 17,000 Km

registered 2nd owner ,company maintained ,original condition

Rs. 3,165,000 Negotiable


Sahandarperera Sahandarperera
  • 6,000 Km

Brand new Under Company Warranty One Free service remaining Rear Spoiler

Rs. 2,800,000 Negotiable


Ivan2010ivanovich Ivan2010ivanovich
  • 30,000 Km

#2015 NOV Brand New, 2016 Registered, 1st owner, Company maintained, All service records available. #Full Option, Power steering, Winking mirrors, Air Bags, Revers sensors , security alarm system...

Rs. 3,000,000 Negotiable


Anupachandula9966 Anupachandula9966
  • 11,000 Km

1st owner

Rs. 3,000,000 Negotiable


Gayade612 Gayade612
  • 14,000 Km

serviced and maintained by United Motors. In brand new condition. Warranty available from United Motors.

Rs. 2,900,000 Negotiable

Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Shiromi Wijeweera
  • 32,000 Km

Lady Driven car. Company maintained. First owner. Accident free.

Rs. 2,625,000 Negotiable


Hwdilhan173 Hwdilhan173
  • 21,000 Km

first owner.only 95 petrol is used.white.used by a professional.maintained at unimo.

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