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Rs. 2,900,000 Negotiable


  • 220,000 Km

Agent maintained with 7 years records. Teak interior, leather seats, dash cam, front buffer guard, rear spoiler, rear crash bar, in very good condition.

Rs. 2,500,000 Negotiable


Damith Piyathilake
  • 2,320,000 Km

Suzuki supplies only the best quality vehicles and this car is yet another example from their impressive fleet. This Suzuki Grand Vitara 1999 comes with a Manual transmission system as well as ...

Rs. 2,400,000 Negotiable


Lakshi Perera4
  • 140,000 Km

A lady driven 2003 first registered jeep with brand new tyres with alloy wheels ,leather interior, recently painted using dibeer products and with extra accessories to be sold for highest offer.

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Suzuki Grand Vitara for sale in Sri Lanka

Image of black Suzuki Grand Vitara 2015 for sale at a good price in Colombo and Wider Sri Lanka

Review, image, specifications, design and price of Suzuki Grand Vitara

The Grand Vitara is a compact sport utility vehicle offered by Suzuki since 1988. The Grand Vitara is offered as the Suzuki Escudo and Sidekick in other global markets and is currently in its fourth generation. The Grand Vitara in Sri Lanka is synonymous with apt off road capabilities and on road comfort and the most common on Sri Lankan roads would be models from the second and third generation.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Review

Suzuki Grand Vitara Specs and Fuel Consumption

Both the second and third generation Suzuki Vitara models found in Sri Lanka come with either a 2000cc or a 2500cc V6 engine and coupled with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic.

The 2000cc Variant has recorded up to 8 Km/l in the city and up to 11 km/l on long distance trips. The 2500cc version has recorded between 6-7 Km/l in the city and up to 10 km/l on long distance trips.

Interior Design and Features of the Grand Vitara

Suzuki Vitara’s come with a body structure that blends car and truck chassis designs which help them strike the balance between off-road capabilities and on road comfort. The low range gearing offered in the Suzuki Vitara makes it a fairly capable off roader. The second generation models offered curved design cues whereas Suzuki adopted a sturdier looking boxy design for the third generation. Both the versions come complete with air conditioning, power shutters, power mirrors central locking and Dual Airbags. The newer models feature additional options such as

  • Rear Park Assist,
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP),
  • ABS,
  • Brake Assist and curtain airbags.

What are the Standout Features of Suzuki Grand Vitara?

The range of options offered in both the second and third generation Suzuki Vitara models in Sri Lanka make it a bargain. The sturdy and purposefully built chassis which provide improved rigidity, better handling, safety and increased towing abilities alongside the long list of standard safety features that come with the Suzuki Grand Vitara make it stand out. The Grand Vitara is one of the few vehicles capable of giving you practicality as a daily runner and off road capabilities that are better than most of its competitors.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Price in Sri Lanka

If you intend to buy a Suzuki Grand Vitara in Sri Lanka, You will be presented with many options in the form of used and unregistered models.

  • A second generation Grand Vitara in Sri Lanka ranges from Rs 1.6 Million to Rs 2.4 Million.
  • The third generation models range from Rs 3.2 Million to Rs 5 Million based on the year of manufacture.
  • An unregistered Suzuki Grand Vitara in Sri Lanka can fetch up to 6 Million Rupees.

Should I buy a Suzuki Grand Vitara?

The first generation Suzuki Grand Vitara models did not enjoy much success around the world due to the lack of refinement when compared to competitor models. However the hard work put in by Suzuki enabled them to introduce a worthy contender with its second and third generation variants of the Grand Vitara. It might not be the most economical SUV in Sri Lanka but it provides on road comfort and decent off road capabilities and is a bargain when compared to most of the models offered by Suzuki’s competitors.