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New and Used Toyota Axio for Sale in Sri Lanka 2017

Toyota Axio for Sale in Sri Lanka | Toyota Axio Price in Sri Lanka

First introduced to the world in early 2006 as the Toyota Corolla E140, of the Corolla lines tenth generation, the car was renamed as the Toyota Axio which has now gone on to become one of the most sort after Toyota car models found in Sri Lanka.

At present, the trim levels of the Toyota Axio models in the island includes the G, X and Z grade cars, with varying levels of options being available between them. It should also be noted that the availability of a new Toyota Axio Hybrid version could be highly appealing to the Sri Lankan car lovers.

The Axio is a popular four-door sedan from the Japanese auto giant Toyota, and is essentially considered as a re-badged Toyota Corolla E140. The heritage itself of being a Toyota Corolla speaks volumes about how reliable and popular the car is, and explains why the new badge has caught on so well within the Sri Lankan market. The main competitors for the car includes the Nissan Sunny and the Mitsubishi Lancer. However, the overall package that the Axio brings to the table manage to keep the car a notch above its competition.

The New Toyota Axio 2016 is Finally Here in Sri Lanka!

Toyota Axio 2016 in Sri Lanka

How is the Toyota Axio 2016 Different From the 2015 Model?

The Toyota Axio 2016 compared to the 2015 model will offer a number of refined interior and exterior amenities.

  • New and Refined Cruising Ability
  • Reduced Backseat Floor Hump
  • Added Steering Wheel Functionality
  • Lower Instrument Panel for a Wider Viewing Area

What are the New Toyota Axio 2016 Standout Features?

The all-new Toyota Axio 2016 stands out from the rest of the competition through its state of the art drivetrain.

  • Improved Fuel Economy of 20 km/l
  • More Backseat Space for Three Adults
  • Innovative New Front and Rear Suspension
  • New Toyota Hybrid Drivetrain

What are the Toyota Axio 2016 Design Updates?

The brand new Toyota Axio 2016 comes with a number of notable design updates to its exterior aesthetics.

  • Upgraded Larger Front Grill
  • Narrower and Sharper Headlights
  • New Fog Light Design
  • Seven New Colour Options Including Mica, Metallic and Pearl Colours

What is the Toyota Axio 2016 Price in Sri Lanka?

The new Toyota Axio 2016 price in Sri Lanka will depend on its refined trim and the local distributor.

  • Toyota Axio HyBrid NKE 165 2016: Rs. 5,990,000
  • Toyota Axio 2016: Rs. 6,225,000
  • Toyota Axio G Grade 2016: Rs. 6,300,000
  • Toyota Axio Hybrid G 2016: Rs. 6,350,000

Toyota Axio Review in Sri Lanka

Toyota Axio Engine Specifications and Performance

The Toyota Axio is powered by either a 1.3 L or a 1.5 L, 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC petrol engine, resulting in an extremely fuel-efficient city car, suitable for small families. The dependability of this car is evident by the fact that it, along with the Toyota Prius, has become the car of choice for most Sri Lankan taxi companies. The majority of the older Toyota Axio models have a four-speed auto gearbox, while some have a five-speed manual transmission. However, most new cars comes with a Super CVT-I transmission for better fuel efficiency. The base engine of the Toyota Axio is noticeably powerful for its size, and can produce more than 80 kW of power and a 136 Nm of torque, giving it the capability to reach a top speed of around 180 km/l on Sri Lankan expressways. The car also has an acceleration of around 10 seconds (from 0 to 100 km/h), which is ideal to tackle the commuting challenges seen in a busy city like Colombo.

  • Type: 16-valve DOHC
  • Size: 1.3 L or 1.5 L
  • Maximum Torque: 136 Nm @ 4400 rpm
  • Transmission: Super CVT-i (A)
  • Top Speed: 180 km
  • Acceleration: 10.2 Seconds (0-100 km/h)


Toyota Axio Fuel Efficiency

The Toyota Axio is an extremely reliable and fuel-efficient car that can deliver a fuel economy of around 14 km/l under a mixed running condition on the roads seen in Sri Lanka. It is powered by 92 RON Petrol, and has a relatively smaller for its body size 42 L fuel tank. The Axio is also low on emissions and produces less than 140 g/km of CO2 on a typical run.

  • Fuel Category: Petrol
  • Recommended Fuel Type: 92 RON
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 42 L
  • CO2 Emissions: 137 g/km (As tested by LTA)


New Toyota Axio Fuel Consumption (Combined)

  • Toyota Axio 2016: 14.1 km/l
  • Toyota Axio 2015: 13.5 km/l
  • Toyota Axio 2014: 14.2 km/l
  • Toyota Axio 2013: 12.9 km/l
  • Toyota Axio 2012: 12.7 km/l
  • Toyota Axio 2011: 13.4 km/l

Used or Reconditioned Toyota Axio Fuel Consumption (Combined)

  • Toyota Axio 2010: 13.1 km/l
  • Toyota Axio 2009: 13.2 km/l
  • Toyota Axio 2008: 13.6 km/l
  • Toyota Axio 2007: 13.7 km/l
  • Toyota Axio 2006: 13.6 km/l
  • Toyota Axio 2005: 13.5 km/l

Toyota Axio Features

Toyota Axio Convenience and Entertainment Features

The Toyota Axio has a variety of comfort and convenience features built for its passengers.

  • Power windows
  • Air conditioning
  • Automatic transmission
  • Traction control
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Power door locks


Toyota Axio Safety Features

For safety conscious Sri Lankans, some of the most appealing safety features of the Toyota Axio includes:

  • A Pre-Crash Safety System
  • Toyota’s Star Safety System technology
  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
  • Airbags: total six Airbags
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Traction Control (TRAC)


The Design of the Toyota Axio

Toyota Axio Interior Design Elements

Almost all the Toyota Axio cars in the market are fully loaded units with modern interior design elements.

  • Leather Power Steering
  • Seatback Pockets
  • Head Restrains
  • 3-Point Seatbelts
  • Cup Holders
  • Knockdown Rear Seats


Toyota Axio Exterior Design Elements

The exterior of the car has inherited some of the design elements of its cousin, the Toyota Corolla.

  • Halogen Headlights
  • LED Backlights
  • Side Mirror Indicators
  • Electrical Retractable Side Mirrors
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Reverse Sensors


Toyota Axio Color Options

The Toyota Axio offers advanced modern color combinations in both its interior as well as exterior.

  • Steel Grey Fabric
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Maroon
  • Silver/ Grey
  • White


Toyota Axio, Compared to Other High-Featured Cars in Sri Lanka

The Toyota Axio can easily be compared with the popular Nissan Bluebird, Mazda 3 and the Ford Focus for its features and value for money.

  • Toyota Axio vs. Nissan Bluebird - The Axio has a more favorable CO2 Emission compared to the Bluebird
  • Toyota Axio vs. Mazda 3 - The Axio has a better overall fuel economy compared to the Mazda 3
  • Toyota Axio vs. Ford Focus - The Axio has a better spare-part availability in the Sri Lankan Market compared to the Focus

Key Reasons to Buy a Toyota Axio

Whether you are buying a new, reconditioned or a used Toyota Axio, consider the following, which can help you to make a better decision.

Toyota Axio Advantages

  • Good fuel efficiency
  • Safety Sense C package
  • Use of genuine leather
  • Quick Stop/ Start System


Toyota Axio Disadvantages

  • Some reviewers have stated that the car’s suspension is a little soft to their liking
  • The Axio’s wireless connectivity is slightly outdated compared to other similar cars

Toyota Axio Price List in Sri Lanka

Learn more about Toyota Axio price in Sri Lanka by checking out our Toyota Axio price list as given below.

Toyota Axio Price List at Carmudi.lk

New Toyota Axio Price in Sri Lanka (As of 2016)

  • Toyota Axio G Grade 2016 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 6,375,000
  • Toyota Axio G Grade 2015 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 6,350,000
  • Toyota Axio X Grade 2015 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 5,400,000
  • Toyota Axio X Grade 2014 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 5,075,000

Reconditioned and Used Toyota Axio Price in Sri Lanka (As of 2016)

  • Toyota Axio Fielder 2013 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,490,000
  • Toyota Axio DBA NZE-161 2012 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,350,000
  • Toyota Axio X Grade 2011 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,200,000
  • Toyota Axio X 2010 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,175,000

Where to Find Toyota Axio Latest Offers in Sri Lanka?

The authorized dealers for Toyota vehicles found in Sri Lanka is the Toyota Lanka Corporation, which is located at the Wattala city. It is a subsidiary of the Toyota Tsusho Corporation in Japan. However, if you are buying a Toyota Axio, then a number of third party dealers located island wide, can also provide you with a range of newer vehicles.

Discover the Selection of Toyota Axio Latest Offers for Sale in Sri Lanka


Know More about the Toyota Axio Price List in Sri Lanka by Built Year

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