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Rs. 2,190,000 Negotiable


Prasanna Keerthirathna
  • 195,000 Km

This Silver / Grey Toyota Sprinter 110 1997 sprinter is sure to sell quickly with a pricetag of Rs.2190000. With a Manual transmission system and a mileage of 195000km on the clock, you are sure ...

Rs. 1,625,000 Negotiable


  • 195,000 Km

Toyota Sprinter LX_Limited 1994 for sale 300 - XXXX In Good condition

Rs. 1,875,000 Negotiable


Nuajithdissanayake Nuajithdissanayake
  • 158,000 Km

full option, power steering, power shutter, power mirror,central lock, 2nd owner,in good condition

Rs. 2,025,000 Negotiable

Sri Lanka

Gamini Enterprises
  • N/A

Automatic transmission, Used, 1500cc Toyota Sprinter is a 1999 Petrol vehicle. The mileage of this vehicle is n/a and it comes equipped with Alarm system, Anti-lock braking system, Power door loc...

Rs. 1,660,000 Negotiable


  • 20,000 Km

A/C,Power mirror,Power shutter,Audio system,Auto Full option,New Tyre,New battery.Good condition.

Rs. 1,525,000 Negotiable


Brianwijetunge6446 Brianwijetunge6446
  • 200,000 Km

Toyota Spirnter ( AE100), Full option (PS/PM/) Manual car, Economical car for City driving (12-14 Km/PL). All services done up to date. Registered owner, no negotiations over the phone, offeres a...

Rs. 2,275,000 Negotiable

Sri Lanka

  • N/A

Automatic transmission, Used, 1500cc Toyota Sprinter is a 1999 Petrol vehicle. The mileage of this vehicle is n/a and it comes equipped with Alarm system, Anti-lock braking system, Electric mirro...

Rs. 2,150,000 Negotiable


Lakith Dharmarathna
  • 107,000 Km

The vehicle is in good condition and well maintained, used by a bank manager, first owner and the vehicle is available at Kurunegala, Gattuwana. Contact me for more information and the price is n...

Rs. 2,200,000 Negotiable


Atham Risfan
  • 200 Km

Toyota supplies only the best quality vehicles and this car is yet another example from their impressive fleet. This Toyota Sprinter 2000 comes with a Automatic transmission system as well as o...

Rs. 1,895,000 Negotiable


Sachychamy Sachychamy
  • 12,345 Km

YOM- 1996 REG- 2000 Car in Best condition & runnning Auto alloy wheels CD,mp3 audio system Window curtains SE vintage Dual airbags/ABS 2c molli engine 1970Cc Diesel

Rs. 2,250,000 Negotiable


Chagitha007 Chagitha007
  • 190,000 Km

Well maintained “Toyota Sprinter CE 110” SE-Vintage, Crystal light, Power mirrors, Retractable mirror, Power shutters, Rear seat arm rest, RPM meter, Alloy wheels, new battery, Air bag, Fabric ...

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Toyota Sprinter for Sale in Sri Lanka 2017

Toyota Sprinter for sale | Toyota Sprinter Price

Toyota Sprinter Review

Due to its strong, poised and classic build, the Toyota Sprinter is one of those cars that you can pass down one generation to the next, over decades. This model first came to life as a variant of the legendary Toyota Corolla featuring a sportier appearance. Until early 2000, each new model of Corolla was introduced to the market corresponding with a vibrant Sprinter sibling. From 1968 to 1996, Toyota released 8 generations of Sprinters (E10, E20, E40/E60, E70, E80, E90, E100, and E110), with sleek improvements to the design and technology incorporated at each of these attempts. Most Toyota Sprinters that are frequently found in the Sri Lankan market belongs to the 6th 7th and 8th generations. While offering a fun and stellar driving experience, the Toyota Sprinter is also one of the safest and most efficient options for the roads found in Sri Lanka.

To describe the overall design of this car in few words, the Sprinter can be mentioned as offering all the power, dependability and the quality of a Corolla, but with a smaller and a sportier build. Hence, this is an ideal car for first timers as well as for those who need a steady car, for everyday short distances. Since this is manufactured in Japan, the reliability and the safety that this car offers is much higher compared to some of its South Asian competitors that are seen in the market.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider When Buying a Toyota Sprinter

1. Toyota Sprinter History

Even though the Sprinter boasts having many tasteful features similar to the Toyota Corolla, this car is initially designed for performance rather than looks. Most of the features that Sprinter do not own from Corolla are to do with its luxury status instead of its sportier outlook. However, the security system with dual air bags and many safety concerns for the passengers of this car are inherent aspects of almost all Toyota made vehicles. The Sprinter has always been popular in the Sri Lankan market, especially among those who will go for the quality over the looks.

As a compact vehicle with a sporty form factor, there are many cars, which will give a competition to the Sprinter including its own sibling, the Toyota Corolla. However, with its efficiency, safety, availability of replacement parts, steady torque and the comfortable and spacy interior, has helped the Toyota Sprinter to tick off many requirements that are searched by dozens of regular car enthusiasts in Sri Lanka.

2. Toyota Sprinter Specifications and Performance (Eighth Generation Onwards)

As a family car, the Toyota Sprinter has an admirable engine to transport its passengers quickly and safely to their intended destination.

Toyota Sprinter Engine Specs:

  • Type: 4-cylinder DOHC 16 valve
  • Size: 1.4 L/ 1.5 L/ 1.6 L
  • Cylinders: 4-Cylinder
  • Compression Ratio: 9.50:1
  • Maximum Output: 82.0 kW @ 6000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 145 Nm @ 4800 rpm
  • Transmission: 5-Speed Manual/ 4-Speed Automatic
  • Top Speed: 200 km/h
  • Acceleration: 8.5 seconds (0-100 km/h)
  • Steering Specs: Power Assisted Rack And Pinion
  • Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive
  • Suspension (Front / Rear): Strut type coil spring/ Strut type coil spring (stabilizer attaching)
  • Brakes (Front / Rear): Ventilated Discs/ Drum
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4315 mm x 1690 mm x 1385 mm
  • Curb Weight: 1090 kg
  • Seating Capacity: 5-seats

3. Toyota Sprinter Fuel Consumption

Over the years, the engines of Sprinters faced many changes, since Toyota introduced refined features into each of the newer generations. First generation was equipped with a 1.0 L pushrod engine and subsequent generations arrived with engines having more capacity with every model. The models available in Sri Lanka (6th generation onwards) comes with several engine options available, up to 2000 cc.

The fuel performance of the car is largely similar to two wheel drive cars, which are equipped with smaller and more economical value focused engines that are ideal for traffic prone Sri Lankan roads. According to tested data, the Toyota Sprinter can achieve around 12 km/l, for a combined drive cycle in the country.

Fuel Category: Petrol/ Diesel

Recommended Fuel Type: A-95 (Petrol)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 50 L

CO2 Emissions: 167.91 g/km

4. The Design of Toyota Sprinter

Toyota Sprinter Interior: The interior of the Toyota Sprinter is filled with dozens of comfort and convenience features for the benefit of its passengers

Air Conditioner: Front, AM/ FM Stereo, CD Audio System, Cassette Radio, Cup Holders, iPod/ USB Compatible, Power Steering, Power Window, Bucket Seat, Wood Panel, Steering Wheel Tilt, Car Navigation System, Leather Steering Wheel.

Toyota Sprinter Exterior: The exterior of the Sprinter demonstrates its position as a family car and has design elements such as

Alloy Wheels, Tinted Glass, Spare Tire, Wheel Spanner, Front Fog Lamp, Front Spoiler, Rear or Roof Spoiler, UV Cutting Glass, Projector Headlight, Rear Wiper.

5. Available Color Options of Toyota Sprinter

For Interior: Black, Grey

For Exterior: Super White Ii, Dark Green Mica Metallic, Dark Grey Metallic, Silver Metallic, Darkblue Mica Metallic, Worm Grey Pearl Metallic, Light Marine Blue Mica Metallic, Red Mica Metallic

6. Safety Rating And Associated Features of Toyota Sprinter (Eighth Generation Onwards)

The safety has been one of the key aspects that was looked into when designing the Toyota Sprinter. Therefore, the car has a number of important features to guaranty the security of its passengers.

  • Driver Airbags
  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Alarm System
  • Front Facing Fog Lights
  • Centralized Door Lock
  • Child Seat Fixed With Seat Belt
  • Rear ELR3 Point Seatbelt
  • Seat Pretensioner Seatbelt Front
  • Fourth Limited Front Seat Belt
  • Side Impact Bar

7. Standout Elements of This Model

One of the unique aspects of the Toyota Sprinter is that you can find it in a wide variety of body variations, including as coupes, hatchbacks and even sedan models, along with two, three, four or five door form factors.

As the generations evolved, Toyota introduced a selection of front-wheel and real-wheel drive options as well. This wide range of selections means that despite what your driving style and taste might be, it is probable that you can find a Sprinter that suits your choice.

8. Compared To Other High-Featured Cars Found in Sri Lanka

The Toyota Sprinter can easily be compared with other similar car models such as the Nissan Sunny, the Mitsubishi Lancer and the Honda City.

Toyota Sprinter vs. Nissan Sunny - The Sprinter has a more powerful engine when compared to the Sunny

Toyota Sprinter vs. Mitsubishi Lancer - The Sprinter is cheaper in price if compared to the Lancer

Toyota Sprinter vs. Honda City - The Sprinter has a higher acceleration compared to the City

9. Key Reasons to Buy a Toyota Sprinter

If you are considering on buying a Toyota Sprinter car from the local market, then it is also best to consider the following aspects as well, to have a more informed buying decision.


  • Ergonomic straightforward design
  • Outstanding fuel efficiency
  • High aftermarket value in Sri Lanka
  • Admirable comfort and safety features
  • Roomy interior for five passengers


One of the disadvantages of this car is that it is no longer in production. However, spare parts as well as other servicing options are available for the model, making long term use not a significant issue.

Apart from that, some drivers may find the options available for infotainment to be a bit too old school for their tastes. Nevertheless, a wide array of accessories are available from private distributors that can provide better in car infotainment for the users.

10. Where to Find a Toyota Sprinter for Sale in Sri Lanka

As of 2015, the best possible option available for a buyer who wants to buy a Toyota Sprinter is to obtain one from a third party distributor. Such distributors are located around the country in prominent cities and some of these cities are mentioned as below.

Discover the Selection of Toyota Sprinter for Sale in Your City on Carmudi Sri Lanka

New, Reconditioned and Used Toyota Sprinter in Colombo

New, Reconditioned and Used Toyota Sprinter in Kandy

New, Reconditioned and Used Toyota Sprinter in Gampaha

New, Reconditioned and Used Toyota Sprinter in Kurunegala

Toyota Sprinter Price in Sri Lanka

Although the Sprinter is not being offered in its brand new status anymore, this car still holds a sophisticated value in the pre-owned vehicle market of Sri Lanka. As it is mentioned above, the most frequently found Sprinter cars in Sri Lanka are models belonging to the 6th generation (E90) and onwards. An idea of the pricing of Toyota Sprinter cars in Sri Lankan market is mentioned below, as of 2015. However, these prices may change due to the mileage, owner preference and overall condition of the car.

Toyota Sprinter Price List on

Price for Reconditioned or Used Toyota Sprinter (As Of 2015)

  • Toyota Ke25 Sprinter Sl (1970): Rs. 250,000
  • Toyota Sprinter KE 25 (1977): Rs. 275,000
  • Toyota Sprinter (1983): Rs. 350,000
  • Toyota Corolla Sprinter (1985): Rs. 495,000
  • Toyota Sprinter EE80 (1986): Rs. 520,000
  • Toyota Sprinter (1987): Rs. 550,000
  • Toyota Sprinter (1989): Rs. 560,000
  • Toyota Sprinter Cielo GT (1991): Rs. 1,050,000
  • Toyota Sprinter AE100 (1992): Rs. 1,225,000
  • Toyota AE 100 Sprinter (1994): Rs. 1,275,000
  • Toyota Sprinter (1995): Rs. 1,295,000
  • Toyota Sprinter Wagon (1996): Rs. 1,350,000
  • Toyota CE 110 (1997): Rs. 1,525,000
  • Toyota AE 110 (1998): Rs. 1,625,000
  • Toyota Sprinter 110 (1999): Rs. 1,800,000