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Toyota Tercel for Sale in Sri Lanka 2017

Toyota Tercel for Sale in Sri Lanka | Toyota Tercel price in Sri Lanka

Toyota Tercel Review

The Toyota Tercel rolled off the production lines from 1978 - 1999 and spanned for five generations. The Toyota Tercel was made available in 3-door hatchback, 4-door sedan, 5-door hatchback and 5-door station wagon versions however, the most common model in Sri Lanka happens to be the sedan variant. The Toyota Vios and the Toyota Platz nameplates later succeeded the Toyota Tercel to become popular models in the global market.

The Toyota Tercel gives you absolute value for money with its range of standard features. The fourth generation models were introduced in 1990 and were continued until 1994. This particular Tercel model came with a 1.5 L engine and was mated with a 3-speed automatic or 4/5-speed manual gearbox. On the options front the Toyota Tercel scored high with air conditioning and power steering, which came along as standard features.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider When Buying a Toyota Tercel

1. History and Facts about Toyota Tercel in Sri Lanka

The Toyota Tercel enjoyed a considerable level of popularity among Sri Lankan motorists since its introduction to the local market in the 1980s. The most common Toyota Tercel models in Colombo and wider Sri Lanka belonged to the fourth and fifth generation.

The Toyota Tercel enjoyed moderate levels of popularity in Sri Lanka and you will not have any trouble finding used models belonging to the 4th and 5th generations. Spare parts are easy to locate, not as much as the more mainstream Toyota cars such as the Toyota Corolla, but the parts are still readily available throughout the island. Toyota is a brand highly trusted and loved by many Sri Lankans; this factor ensures that the Toyota Tercel will have an above average second hand value and an overall demand throughout the country.

2. Toyota Tercel Specifications and Performance

The Toyota Tercel belongs to the family car category and therefore comes with a range of options to power itself on the roads seen in Sri Lanka.

Toyota Tercel Engine Specs

  • Type: Water-cooled serial 4 cylinder DOHC 16 valve
  • Size: 1.3 L/ 1.5 L
  • Cylinders: 4-Cylinder
  • Compression Ratio: 9.80:1
  • Maximum Output: 85.8 kW @ 6600 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 135 Nm @ 3200 rpm
  • Transmission: 5-Speed Manual/ 4-Speed Automatic
  • Top Speed: 185 km/h
  • Acceleration: 9.3 seconds (0-100 km/h)
  • Steering Specs: Power Assisted Rack and Pinion
  • Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive
  • Suspension (Front / Rear): Strut Type Coil Spring (Stabilizer Attaching)/ The Trailing Link Axle Type Coil Spring (Stabilizer Attaching)
  • Brakes (Front / Rear): Ventilated Disk/ Drum
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4130 mm x 1660 mm x 1385 mm
  • Curb Weight: 1,080 kg
  • Seating Capacity: 5-Seats

3. Toyota Tercel Fuel Consumption

The fifth generation Toyota Tercel took on a more evolutionary approach in terms of design and function. The revised design offered a stiffer body and improved handling through enhanced aerodynamics. Buyers had the option of choosing either a 1.3 or a 1.5 L drive train option, which was coupled with either a 4/5-speed manual or 3/4-speed automatic. On the options front the Toyota Tercel in Sri Lanka came with dual airbags, which was not common for cars that were introduced during its lifespan that was from 1994 - 1999.

Fuel economy figures from the Toyota Tercel are above average in both city and long distance trips, where this car has recorded figures of around 11.4 km/l on the city and around 14.8 km/l on the highway. Overall, the car can achieve roughly around 13.5 km/l under a combined drive cycle.

Fuel Category: Petrol

Recommended Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded (A-95)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 45 L

CO2 Emissions: 173 g/km

4. The Design and Features of the Toyota Tercel

The design of the Toyota Tercel is a clear example of Toyota’s design capabilities at the era this car was made. It was simple at its core yet was highly productive with a wide range of options and design elements to increase its practicality on the road. The front side of this car is characterized by its sharp narrow looks that has a narrow front grill and two sizably bigger headlights. The front bumper of this car is wide and broad to provide more safety on the road. The Toyota Tercel has a longer hood to facilitate its midrange engine and it is connected to the larger front windshield, which has two intermittent wipers for easy driving on the rain. The cabin space of the Toyota Tercel is spacious enough to facilitate five adult passengers even for a long distance journey. The rear side of the car is squarer like, and has a notable rear cargo lid, which also has prominent stoplights at its left and right side.

Toyota Tercel Interior: Front AC, AM/ FM Stereo, Auxiliary Input, Cassette Radio, Cup Holders, Power Steering, Wood Panel, Centralized Door Lock, Power Window, Steering Wheel Tilt, Falling Down Type Rear Seat, Audio Deck, Car Navigation System, 4- Speakers.

Toyota Tercel Exterior: Alloy Wheels, Tinted Glass, Front Fog Lamp, UV Cutting Glass, Spoiler, Trunk Lid, Headlights, Turn Signal Lights, Rear View Mirrors, Outside Door Handles, Mudguards, Front Bumper, Front Grill, Antenna.

5. Available Color Options of Toyota Tercel in Sri Lanka

For Interior: Gray, Beige

For Exterior: Coral Rose Pearl, Meadow Green Metallic, Sierra Pearl Metallic, Super Red, Super White, Vista Blue Mica Pearl Metallic, Super White II, Dark Green Mica Metallic, Dark Blue Mica Metallic, Bluish Silver Metallic, Blue Mica Metallic, Green Mica Metallic

6. Safety Rating and Associated Features of the Toyota Tercel

The safety of the passengers has been addressed within the Toyota Tercel with this car providing a wide range of safety and security related features while on the road.

  • Airbag (Driver)
  • Airbag (Passenger)
  • Airbag (Side)
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Child Seat Fixed With Seat Belt
  • Rear ELR3 Point Seat Belt
  • Front-Seat Pretensioner Seatbelt
  • Fourth Limited Front Seat Belt
  • Side Impact Bar
  • Front/ Rear Crumple Zones

7. Standout Elements of the Toyota Tercel

One of the key standout features of the Toyota Tercel is none other than the fact that the Tercel as a typical family car comes with relatively low maintenance costs, which makes it a very practical daily runner.

Apart from that, the Tercel nameplate stood out and gained popularity in Sri Lanka due to its durability and its ability to adapt to some of the harshest driving conditions found in the country.

8. Toyota Tercel, Compared to Other High-Featured Cars in Sri Lanka

The Toyota Tercel can be compared with other similar car models such as the Toyota Axio, the Nissan Sunny and the Honda City.

Toyota Tercel vs. Toyota Axio - The Tercel has a higher top speed compared to the Axio

Toyota Tercel vs. Nissan Sunny - The Tercel has more safety features compared to the Sunny

Toyota Tercel vs. Honda City - The Tercel has a faster acceleration compared to the City

9. Key Reasons to Buy a Toyota Tercel

If you are a buyer who is eyeing on purchasing a Toyota Tercel car from the local market, then also remember to consider the following aspects of this vehicle as well, which will help you to arrive at a more informed buying decision in the future.


  • High level of value for money
  • Good level of interior space
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Powerful engine for its class
  • Good aftermarket value


One of the notable disadvantages of the Toyota Tercel is that this car is now not in production. The Toyota Vios and the Toyota Platz have replaced this vehicle in the global market. However, spare parts for this car can still be found among prominent resellers in Sri Lanka.

Since the final edition of the Toyota Tercel was released to the market in 1999, most cars in Sri Lanka may seem outdated to some buyers. Nevertheless, the Toyota Tercel is still a very productive vehicle that can handle almost all commuting tasks seen in the country.

10. Where to Find a Toyota Tercel for Sale in Sri Lanka?

As of 2016, a buyer who is searching to buy a Toyota Tercel sedan from Sri Lanka can do so by getting in contact with a prominent third party dealer, who is offering this vehicle in the local vehicle market. Such dealers can be found in some of the cities mentioned below.

Discover the Selection of Toyota Tercel for Sale in Your City on Carmudi Sri Lanka

Reconditioned and Used Toyota Tercel in Colombo

Reconditioned and Used Toyota Tercel in Anuradhapura

Reconditioned and Used Toyota Tercel in Kandy

Toyota Tercel Price in Sri Lanka

If you intend to buy a 4th generation Toyota Tercel in Sri Lanka, you will come across several options ranging from 800,000 to 1.2 Million Rupees. If you are searching to buy a fifth generation Toyota Tercel from the local market, you will come across many options in Colombo and wider Sri Lanka and prices will range from 1.2 - 1.5 Million Rupees.

Toyota Tercel Price List on Carmudi.lk

Price for Reconditioned or Used Toyota Tercel (As Of 2016)

  • Toyota Tercel 1987: Rs. 315,000
  • Toyota Tercel 1989: Rs. 1,150,000
  • Toyota Tercel EL43 1991: Rs. 1,175,000
  • Toyota Tercel 1993: Rs. 1,175,000
  • Toyota Tercel 1995: Rs. 1,190,000
  • Toyota Tercel 1996: Rs. 1,300,000
  • Toyota Tercel 1997: Rs. 1,350,000
  • Toyota Tercel EL51 1998: Rs. 1,425,000
  • Toyota Tercel 1999: Rs. 1,450,000
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