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New and Used Toyota Vios for Sale in Sri Lanka 2017

Toyota Vios for Sale in Sri Lanka | Toyota Vios Price in Sri Lanka

The Vios first generation was powered using a 1.3 L or a 1.5 L engine. Toyota Vios buyers had the option of choosing either a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual. Although the second generation Toyota Vios was available with 1.3 L power trains the most popular Vios were fitted with 1.5 L engine with the car managing to record similar figures to the first generation model. A majority of the first generation Toyota Vios in Sri Lanka were fully loaded with functions such as air conditioning, power steering, power shutters, power mirrors and ABS (anti-lock braking system). The interior presented both drivers and passengers a cozy atmosphere, with safety delivered through the inclusion of airbags for both passengers and the driver, depending on its trim level. The second generation made ABS, EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) and BA (Brake Assist) standard, and had a cab-forward design that saw the car offering the same amount of space as a Toyota Corolla Altis. Depending on the trim level, either a CD player or an MP3 player was included. Premium trims also offered enhanced airbag features. The third generation Toyota Vios included the preceding features but also added push start, an Eco meter, automatic A/C, climate control and more space. The "Luxury-Sport" based design of the interior buys Toyota Vios owner’s additional respect, as it is more appealing to the eye.

The popular mid-size sedan Toyota Vios entered the Sri Lankan market as a replacement for the Toyota Tercel and is currently in its third generation. The popularity of the Toyota Vios in Sri Lanka is due to the fact that it has carved a niche position, as a sensible option as a new or used car that has a very good second hand value. As a result, many have chosen to buy Toyota Vios in Colombo and across Sri Lanka, from small families to young drivers mostly due to its dependability and fuel economy. The car is a very practical option, be it a first car for a young executive or a second hand/ used one for a small family. It is a car that one can depend on and one that is easy to maintain. As of now, the Toyota Vios remains one of the most sensible and popular cars available for buying in Sri Lanka.

The New Toyota Vios 2016 is Finally Here in Sri Lanka!

Toyota Vios 2016 in Sri Lanka

How is the Toyota Vios 2016 Different From the 2015 Model?

The new Toyota Vios 2016 compared to the 2015 comes with a number of refinements to its interior and exterior.

  • New LED Based Lights
  • Larger Aluminium Wheels
  • New Interior Colour Pallet
  • Improved Airbag System

What are New Toyota Vios 2016 Standout Features?

The all-new Toyota Vios 2016 stands out from the crowd by providing a range of comfort and convenience features.

  • Advanced USB Connectivity
  • Wireless Bluetooth Features
  • Bigger LCD Screen
  • Innovative Seating Arrangement

What are Toyota Vios 2016 Design Updates?

The brand new Toyota Vios 2016 offers a range of design updates to its front and rear exterior layout.

  • New and Refined Grill
  • Reshaped Headlights
  • Remodelled Taillight Design
  • New Rear Spoiler

What is the Toyota Vios 2016 Price in Sri Lanka?

The new Toyota Vios 2016 price in Sri Lanka is subject to the optional features offered and the local dealer.

  • Toyota Vios G-Grade 2016: Rs. 5,750,000
  • Toyota Vios 2016: Rs. 5,250,000

Toyota Vios Review in Sri Lanka

Toyota Vios Engine Specifications and Performance

The engine of the Toyota Vios can be considered as a midrange displacement variant, but is still offered with a number of features that helps it to enhance its power output. The generation three of the Vios is propelled by either a 1.3 L or 1.5 L engine, which is coupled with either a 4-speed auto or a 5-speed manual gearbox. Production for the third generation vehicles commenced during the latter half of 2013 and the latest 2016 model is available for buying in the Sri Lankan market. Nevertheless, according to the critics around the world, Toyota has managed to increase the fuel efficiency of the latest Vios by a 5% margin, which is a claim highly welcoming for the Sri Lankan vehicle buyers. Powered by a 1.5 L 4-cylinder petrol engine, the latest Vios offers a notably higher power output, which is around 80 kW and 142 Nm, giving it a top speed of roughly 170 km/h, to move five passengers and a small cargo.

  • Size: 1.5 L
  • Cylinders: 4-Cylinder
  • Maximum Output: 80 kW @ 6,000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 142 Nm @ 4,200 rpm
  • Top Speed: 170 km/h
  • Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic with Super ECT/ Manual


Toyota Vios Fuel Efficiency

In terms of fuel economy, the Vios in its latest generation has recorded superb fuel economy levels in Colombo city areas as well as during long distance trips, making it a good performer on the roads of Sri Lanka. The car also comes with a reasonable 42 L fuel tank, which gives it a longer range even on tough roads.

  • Fuel Category: Petrol
  • Recommended Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 42 L
  • CO2 Emissions: 147 g/km (As tested by LTA)


New Toyota Vios Fuel Consumption (Combined)

  • Toyota Vios 2016: 13.6 km/l
  • Toyota Vios 2015: 12.4 km/l
  • Toyota Vios 2014: 12.5 km/l
  • Toyota Vios 2013: 13.1 km/l
  • Toyota Vios 2012: 12.0 km/l
  • Toyota Vios 2011: 13.3 km/l

Used or Reconditioned Toyota Vios Fuel Consumption (Combined)

  • Toyota Vios 2010: 14.7 km/l
  • Toyota Vios 2009: 11.9 km/l
  • Toyota Vios 2008: 14.5 km/l
  • Toyota Vios 2007: 13.0 km/l
  • Toyota Vios 2006: 14.1 km/l
  • Toyota Vios 2005: 14.1 km/l

Toyota Vios Features

Toyota Vios Convenience and Entertainment Features

Since it is a family car, the Toyota Vios does offer a range of comfort and convenience features to keep its passengers relaxed on the road.

  • Air Conditioning Front/ Rear
  • AM/ FM Stereo
  • Auxiliary Input
  • CD Audio System
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • USB Port


Toyota Vios Safety Features

Safety is an aspect that Toyota has always taken seriously. Therefore, Toyota Vios is no different and comes with advanced features to improve the security of its driver as well as the passengers.

  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution
  • Brake Assist
  • Immobilizer
  • Security Alarm
  • Seatbelt Warning


The Design of Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios Interior Design Elements

The interior design of the Toyota Vios is spacious and modern, offering dozens of features for the benefit of the passengers.

  • Cup Holders
  • Leather Seats
  • 6-Speakers
  • Analogue Speedometer
  • Analogue Tachometer
  • Information Display


Toyota Vios Exterior Design Elements

The exterior of the Toyota Vios is attractive to the eye and has a range of modern design aspects that include:

  • Side Skirt
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Rear Reflector
  • Rear Combination Lamps
  • Color Keyed Outer Door Handles
  • Pole Type Antenna


Toyota Vios Color Options

Since it is a family car, the Toyota Vios does come with a number of modern metallic colors to attract more buyers.

  • Blue Mica Metallic
  • Dark Brown Mica Metallic
  • Freedom White
  • Gray Metallic
  • Orange Metallic
  • Red Mica Metallic


Toyota Vios, Compared to Other High-Featured Cars in Sri Lanka

As a family sedan, the Toyota Vios can ideally be compared with other car models such as the Mitsubishi Lancer, the Honda City and the Toyota Allion that are found across Sri Lanka.

  • Toyota Vios vs. Mitsubishi Lancer - The Vios has a better fuel economy when compared to the Lancer
  • Toyota Vios vs. Honda City - The Vios comes with a larger fuel capacity if compared to the City
  • Toyota Vios vs. Toyota Allion - The Vios has a more powerful engine when compared to the Allion

Key Reasons to Buy a Toyota Vios

If a buyer is hoping to purchase the Toyota Vios from the Sri Lankan market, then remember to consider the below mentioned pros and cons of this vehicle as well, to have a more informed buying decision in the near future.

Toyota Vios Advantages:

  • Class leading comfort and safety features
  • Superb fuel economy even in cities
  • Reliable build quality for rough use
  • Easy availability of spare parts and accessories

Toyota Vios Disadvantages:

One of the disadvantages that was noted when comes to the Toyota Vios is its low engine performance

Apart from that, some of the options offered by Toyota itself, particularly for infotainment activities might seem a bit outdated

Toyota Vios Price List in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a new or used Toyota Vios for sale in Sri Lanka, then Carmudi has prepared a Toyota Vios pricelist as given below.

Toyota Vios Price List at Carmudi.lk

New Toyota Vios Price in Sri Lanka (As of 2016)

  • Toyota Vios G-Grade 2016 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 5,750,000
  • Toyota Vios 2015 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 5,450,000
  • Toyota Vios 2014 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 5,150,000
  • Toyota Vios 2013 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,750,000
  • Toyota Vios 2012 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,530,000
  • Toyota Vios 2011 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 4,200,000

Used Toyota Vios Price in Sri Lanka (As of 2016)

  • Toyota Vios G Grade 2010 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 3,875,000
  • Toyota Vios 2009 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 3,800,000
  • Toyota Vios 2008 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 3,560,000
  • Toyota Vios G grade 2007 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 3,475,000
  • Toyota Vios 2006 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 3,360,000
  • Toyota Vios 2005 Price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 3,230,000

Where to Find Toyota Vios Latest Offers in Sri Lanka?

If searching for a Toyota Vios car from the Sri Lankan market, then one of the best options available for a buyer is to get in contact with the third party distributors, who may offer the car for a competitive price range. Some of the cities where such distributors are found can be seen below.

Discover the Selection of Toyota Vios Latest Offers for Sale in Sri Lanka


Know More about the Toyota Vios Price List in Sri Lanka by Built Year

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