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Rs. 800,000 Negotiable


Mmarzook79 Mmarzook79
  • 53,000 Km


Rs. 2,199,000 Negotiable


Iresh Sampath Jayasanka Perera
  • 19,200 Km

1st owner Full option Power steering , Power shutter, Center lock, AC, Audio setup, Sun roof, Canopy with metal roof & cut glass *Canopy registered Full insurance Fog light Hand Rs. 1,200,000/= R...

Rs. 1,150,000


Vgnissanka Vgnissanka
  • 8,344 Km

This Brown colored Mahindra Bolero Truck maxitruck plus 2016 2016 is a fantastic deal at just Rs.1150000. It comes with a Manual transmission system and has 8344km on the clock. This is a bargain...

Rs. 250,000 Drive Away


Sumudu Harshana
  • 90,000 Km

This colored Mahindra Bolero Truck 2014 is a fantastic deal at just Rs.250000. It comes with a Manual transmission system and has 90000km on the clock. This is a bargain you can't afford to mi...

Rs. 9


Shyamalpraveen Shyamalpraveen
  • 70,000 Km

quickly sale

Rs. 1,575,000 Negotiable


  • 26,700 Km

Aluminium Body 2.5L Turbo Diesel 1st Owner Best Condition Genuine Low Mileage Price is Negotiable

Rs. 900,000


  • N/A

Mahindra has delivered quality for years and this car is no exception. This Mahindra Bolero Truck 2007 has travelled a total of 00km and features a Manual transmission system as well as other g...

Rs. 315,000 Negotiable


Sri Jayasinghe
  • 6,500 Km

Excellent condition Home use, done only 6500KM Contact for more details - 0710318465

Rs. 850,000 Negotiable


Mmarzook79 Mmarzook79
  • 49,000 Km

2013 truck Quick sale please contact more details thank you

Rs. 1,150,000 Negotiable


Upulpushpa19 Upulpushpa19
  • 51,000 Km

in good condition

Rs. 895,000


Damintha Damintha
  • 69,000 Km

Vehical in very good condition. 1st owner 0771337517

Rs. 1,925,000 Negotiable


  • 29,000 Km

full options , full insurance ,new lison ,register canapi ,company maintain ,1 owner , cash or lease 900000 hand 27450×47

Rs. 1,400,000 Negotiable


Mr Inshath
  • 100,000 Km

DUAL PURPOSE VEHICLE. A best Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck for sale. A 2014 truck/lorry with all facilities with 2523 cc. Good lorry with perfect condition used well. No errors. Serviced regularly o...

Rs. 375,000 Negotiable


Weerakamal Weerakamal
  • 93,000 Km

The lory is very good condition. Personal use. Immediately sale. To hand 3,75,000/= finance 22,733/= *42

Rs. 1,800,000 Negotiable


Kalpaprabha99 Kalpaprabha99
  • 120,000 Km

bolero GLX 2003 brand new HC-**** A/C Alloy wheel Audio mp3 set Power stirring Power mirror 7 seat Black colour Tinted glass Modify.. japan QD 30 caravan engine & gear box Extr...

Rs. 850,000 Negotiable


Sameera Gayan
  • 95,000 Km

Mahidra maxximo with canopy

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Mahindra Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Sri Lanka

2014 Mahindra Bolero pickup

The Mahindra automobile corporation, which is known officially as Mahindra and Mahindra Limited (M&M), is one of the oldest continuously operating automobile manufacturers in India. The proud legacy of this company goes as far back as 71 years, at a time when India was still a part of the British Empire. At that time, two industrialist brothers named K.C. Mahindra and J.C. Mahindra as well as the financial accountant Malik Ghulam Mohammed, laid the groundwork for the company that we have come to love as M&M.

Currently headquartered in Mumbai, state of Maharashtra, in India, the Mahindra automobile corporation has come a long way since its inception, to become one of the 20 most valuable brands in India, contributing to the economy of its host country. As a result, Mahindra has also managed to gain a considerable consumer support, with the company’s commercial farm equipment division scoring a customer satisfaction index (CSI) of 88 percent, validating its position within the commercial vehicle market in South Asia.

Mahindra Commercial Vehicles in Sri Lanka

Commercial as well as other varieties of vehicles that are manufactured by the Mahindra and Mahindra Limited has been available within the Sri Lankan market for more than a decade. Due to the reputation that Mahindra managed to accumulate throughout the past decades have led a number of local vehicle importers to bring down commercial vehicles made by Mahindra, which have now proven to be reliable rugged vehicles that can handle the conditions seen in Sri Lanka.

Some of the bestselling commercial grade vehicles from the company includes the Mahindra Maxximo light duty truck as well as the Mahindra Bolero off-road SUV that are a firm favorite among the small to medium scale business owners in Sri Lanka. Therefore, if a buyer wants to buy a vehicle that can handle tough conditions, while also not having to spend a lot of money in the process, then a Mahindra made vehicle might be the ideal choice for you.

5 Reasons to Buy a Mahindra Commercial Vehicle

  • Excellent rugged build quality of the Mahindra Commercial Vehicles that is on par or even exceeds some of its competitors
  • Outstanding value for money vehicles that provides a range of options and facilities compared to the price they are offered
  • Mahindra has a class leading consumer satisfaction record for some of its commercial grade vehicles that helps to solidify its reliable build quality
  • Superb fuel efficiency throughout its range of vehicles allowing the owners to save money in the long term
  • Reasonably high aftermarket value of Mahindra vehicles that makes buying one an investment for the future

Top 2 Best Selling Mahindra Commercial Vehicle Models in Sri Lanka

These are the most popular Mahindra Commercial Vehicles (Vans, Trucks, and Buses etc...), sold in Sri Lanka.

  1. Mahindra Bolero

Without a surprise, the Mahindra Bolero can be considered as one of the best utility vehicle models to be manufactured by the Mahindra motor corporation. First introduced to the world more than 16 years ago in 2000, the model has now come a long way to become one of the bestselling utility vehicles within the markets it is being sold. Initially introduced as a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, the Bolero is now available in other body variants including as a pickup truck for the commercial vehicle buyers. The entry variant of the Mahindra Bolero is powered using a 2523 cc 4-cylinder engine, which uses a 5-Speed Manual transmission that allows the Bolero to generate 47 kW of power, which is more than enough for the daily commuting tasks seen in Sri Lanka.

Mahindra Bolero Hybrid Model: Available

Price of the Mahindra Bolero (As Of 2016): Reconditioned or used vehicles, between Rs. 600,000 to Rs. 1,300,000

  1. Mahindra Maxximo

The Mahindra Maxximo is a unique and nifty vehicle that is available in both van as well as pickup truck varieties. Introduced by Mahindra towards middle class consumers and small-scale businesses, the Mahindra Maxximo provides facilities to move passengers as well as cargo on the roads seen in Sri Lanka. Powered using a 1.0 L CRDe 2CY engine, the Mahindra Maxximo uses a 4-Speed Manual transmission to move its reasonably powerful drivetrain. As a result, the Mahindra Maxximo has the capability to generate more than 19 kW of power and more than 55 Nm of torque, allowing this vehicle to reach a top speed of around 70 km/h and an impressive fuel economy of around 21 km/l, on the roads seen in our country.

Mahindra Maxximo Hybrid Model: Not Available

Price of the Mahindra Maxximo (As Of 2016): New vehicles, around Rs. 775,000

Reconditioned or used vehicles, between Rs. 650,000 to Rs. 750,000

Mahindra Commercial Hybrid Vehicles Found in Sri Lanka

Since the fuel economy of a vehicle contributes a lot to its overall cost in the long term, Mahindra has also been experimenting with a number of fuel saving technologies to be implemented in its range of vehicles sold in the open market. Such technologies included fully electric systems to its vehicles as well as Hybrid systems that were intended to make the vehicles more attractive to fuel conscious consumers. One of the newest production vehicles to have a Hybrid system developed by Mahindra is the Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck, which is a pickup truck version of the company’s Mahindra Bolero SUV. Nevertheless, as of now, these models might be a bit difficult to be obtained from the local market, though with an increasing trend towards fuel-efficient vehicles, this can be expected to change in the near future.

Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck: around 17.7 km/l on a combined drive cycle

Availability of Mahindra Commercial Vehicles in Sri Lanka

As of 2016, for a buyer who is hoping to buy a new Mahindra made vehicle from the local market can do so through the authorized agent for the Mahindra brand in Sri Lanka, the Ideal Motors (Pvt) Ltd, which is located at No: 271, Galle Road Colombo 03, in Kollupitiya. Nevertheless, this is actually not the only available option, since a used or reconditioned Mahindra commercial vehicle can also be obtained through a third party vehicle distributor, located within one of the cities mentioned below.

Discover the Selection of Mahindra Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Your City on Carmudi Sri Lanka

New, Reconditioned and Used Mahindra Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Colombo

New, Reconditioned and Used Mahindra Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Gampaha

New, Reconditioned and Used Mahindra Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Kandy

New, Reconditioned and Used Mahindra Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Anuradhapura

New, Reconditioned and Used Mahindra Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Kurunegala

New, Reconditioned and Used Mahindra Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Matara

Did You Know?

Mahindra is actually the world’s largest manufacturer of tractors by sheer volume, and has its tractor products sold in more than 40 countries across the globe.