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Mitsubishi Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Sri Lanka

Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks

Even though the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation began in its modern form in the early 1970’s as a popular automobile manufacturer, its roots as a heavy-duty vehicle maker goes as far back as 1932. At this time, just before the World War 2, the company made its first commercial vehicle, a bus that was technically named the B46, which was given the nameplate “Fuso". From then onwards, Mitsubishi went on to create some of the most innovative commercial vehicles the world has ever seen, earning a high reputation for both quality and durability in all the markets it was sold.

After decades of successful innovations and transformations, a separate heavy-duty vehicle-manufacturing arm was created in 2003, which was named the Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation. Since then the company has created a number of successful models that belonged to both its Fuso and Canter brands. Today the Mitsubishi branded vehicles are sold in more than 160 countries around the world and helps hundreds and thousands of businesses to carry out their commercial tasks on a daily basis, enhancing the overall economy of the globe.

Mitsubishi Commercial Vehicles in Sri Lanka

From all the types of commercial vehicles available in Sri Lanka, it is safe to say that Mitsubishi Commercial Vehicles are probably the most well known and widely used heavy duty and light duty vehicles in our country. Ever since Japanese commercial vehicles started to arrive at the Sri Lankan local market, the vehicles made by Mitsubishi have been the front-runner, as the most sort after vehicle type by the business community of Sri Lanka.

One of the key reasons why most investors, both small scale and large scale, wanted to buy commercial vehicles, which were specifically made by Mitsubishi is that these were highly versatile trucks and lorry’s that can be used for a variety of different purposes. For example, a small investor, ideally a farmer or a hardware shop owner, might use their truck for business purposes but will also use it as their family vehicle, to provide transport to their family members’. Since Mitsubishi did not ignored the safety and convenience factor of the driver and passengers, its commercial vehicles became the first choice for many such small business owners living across Sri Lanka.

5 Reasons to Buy a Mitsubishi Commercial Vehicle

  • Highly innovative technology that is on par or even exceeds its competitors in the world commercial vehicle market
  • Superb and competitive price margins in Sri Lanka, even for its commercial category
  • High level of versatility that makes these ideal not only for daily business use but also to fulfill family transportation needs
  • Easy and wide availability of spare parts and accessories throughout Sri Lanka, even for relatively older models
  • Having a well known authorized distributor to provide servicing and other vehicle related support

Top 3 Best Selling Mitsubishi Commercial Vehicle Models in Sri Lanka

These are the most popular Mitsubishi Commercial vehicles (light duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and Busses etc...), sold in Sri Lanka.

  1. Mitsubishi Minicab

The Minicab, which is made by Mitsubishi, is a kei truck (small truck) that is available for buying in the Sri Lankan local market. First introduced to the world as far back as the mid 1960’s, the Mitsubishi Minicab has been a popular choice for many small-scale business owners in Sri Lanka. This model is not only available as a pickup truck but also as a micro van in almost all the other markets. Currently in its sixth iteration, the Mitsubishi Minicab is well known for its excellent fuel economy, which is recorded at around 18 km/l for a combined drive cycle. Apart from this, Mitsubishi also manufactures a badge-engineered version of this cab on behalf of Nissan, call the Nissan Clipper that is available in the local market.

Hybrid Model: Not Available

Price (As Of 2015): Reconditioned or used vehicles, between Rs. 960,000 to Rs. 2,600,000

  1. Mitsubishi Fuso

The Fuso brand name of Mitsubishi, which is given to a wide range of its commercial vehicles, is by far the most important heritage of the company’s long history of manufacturing heavy commercial vehicles. From the beginning when Mitsubishi made its first commercial vehicle back in 1932, the Fuso name was given to its very first model, which has now come to represent a vastly diverse range of vehicles from small pickup trucks to large size busses. In Sri Lanka, Mitsubishi Fuso models are being used for a wide variety of purposes from things that are simple as transporting everyday agricultural goods to providing support for large-scale development projects, helping the country’s economy in the process.

Hybrid Model: Not Available

Price (As Of 2015): Reconditioned or used vehicles, between Rs. 400,000 to Rs 6,800,000

  1. Mitsubishi Canter

The highly renowned legacy of the popular Mitsubishi Canter trucks goes as back as the beginning of the 60’s, when this model was launched in the Asian Market as a replacement for the series of light duty trucks from Mitsubishi called the T720 series. From the get-go, the Mitsubishi Canter took off becoming popular among small to midrange investors in the Asian region. As a result, this model was also imported to Sri Lanka where it has now taken a permanent spot as the most popular truck for dynamic purposes. Powered by a 3.0 L engine, it can produce more than 100 kW of power while still achieving a good fuel economy on Sri Lankan roads.

Hybrid Model: Not Available

Price (As Of 2015): Reconditioned or used vehicles, between Rs. 250,000 to Rs 5,100,000

Mitsubishi Commercial Hybrid Vehicles Found in Sri Lanka

Similar to most other vehicle manufacturers, Mitsubishi is also attempting to create fuel-efficient models that can be used for a variety of commercial purposes. While some of these are still at an experimental level, the company has managed to create a number of Hybrid as well as fully electric vehicles for the business community. One of the best examples for these is the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid, which has been in production since 2006 well as the new experimental Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star Eco Hybrid that is using a Diesel-Electric drivetrain. Both these models are said to have a 30% more efficient fuel economy figures than other close non-Hybrid competitors. However, the models are still not available in Sri Lanka due to a variety of practical reasons, though this is expected to change in the near future.

Availability of Mitsubishi Commercial Vehicles in Sri Lanka

Regardless of whether you are a small-scale businessman or a large scale investor, if you are hoping to buy a Mitsubishi Commercial Vehicle in Sri Lanka, the best option available is to obtain it from the authorized distributor for all Mitsubishi vehicles, the United Motors Lanka PLC, which is located in Hyde Park Corner, Colombo 2. However, this is not the only option and various commercial models from Mitsubishi are similarly available through third party distributors located within prominent cities throughout Sri Lanka.

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Did You Know?

The heavy-duty vehicle-manufacturing arm of Mitsubishi, the Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, is actually owned (majority shares) by the Daimler AG of Germany since 2005.

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