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Yuejin Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Sri Lanka

Yuejin truck in Sri Lanka

The proud legacy of the Yuejin Corporation, which is known officially as the Yuejin Light Truck Corporation, goes as far back as to a time even before the formation of the modern People's Republic of China, when its mother company, the Nanjing Automobile Corporation was established in 1947, which is more than 69 years ago. It is said to be founded by 37 soldiers, who spearheaded the development of China’s first domestically produced light duty truck, the YUEJIN, which is in 1958.

Currently based in the NAC Commercial Mansion, No. 68 Luxiying, Nanjing, Jiangsu, in the People's Republic of China, the company had a strong and steady growth for the past few decades, to become one of the rising stars within the global commercial vehicle manufacturing industry. As of now, the Yuejin Light Truck Corporation is operating with a full-fledged production capacity of more than 200,000 vehicle units, belonging to a number of midrange to high-end models that are being marketed across the globe.

Yuejin Commercial Vehicles in Sri Lanka

The history of the Yuejin Commercial Vehicles in Sri Lanka goes back for more than a decade, when these vehicles were imported to the country through a number of pioneering local automobile importers. One of the main reasons for Yuejin Commercial Vehicles to be available for Sri Lankan buyers are the highly competitive prices that these vehicles are offered. Compared to commercial truck models that are supplied by other prominent commercial vehicle brands in Sri Lanka, Yuejin offers a price that is roughly half, for the same specifications and features that are available on other competing models. This naturally gives an extra edge for the Yuejin Commercial Vehicles that are slowly becoming prominent within the Sri Lankan vehicle market.

As of now, the Yuejin 1043 is the most widely available Yuejin made truck model that can be bought from the local market, and the Yuejin Nanjing model follows in second place, which are both available through the same distributors.

5 Reasons to Buy a Yuejin Commercial Vehicle

  • One of the key reasons to by a Yuejin made commercial truck is the impressively low price margins that these vehicles offer
  • Some Yuejin models are well known for durability and can handle tough work conditions for a longer time
  • Yuejin made commercial vehicles also provide a reasonable level of fuel economy when working on the type of roads seen in Sri Lanka
  • The trucks are packed with a wide array of comfort, convenience and safety features that makes driving a Yuejin an easy task
  • Yuejin models also have the capability to move notably heavy cargo compared to some of its competitors

Top Best Selling Yuejin Commercial Vehicle Models in Sri Lanka

These are the most popular Yuejin Commercial Vehicles (Vans, Trucks, and Buses etc...), sold in Sri Lanka.

  1. Yuejin 1043

The Yuejin 1043 is a light to medium duty cargo transporting truck that is built with the cab over form factor. This truck is by far the most popular light to medium duty truck that is available for buying in Sri Lanka. The fundamental design of the Yuejin 1043 is similar to most other truck models that represents this same class, from other competing commercial vehicle manufacturers. Nevertheless, the 1043 has a more rugged design that is more suitable to tackle the type of climatic and road conditions seen here in Sri Lanka. The Yuejin 1043 also has an excellent cargo transporting capability for its size and further provide seating space for two adult passengers within its cabin area. It is offered with all the necessary amenities for its occupants, making even a long distance cargo moving activity an easier task in the long term.

Yuejin 1043 Hybrid Model: Not Available

Price of the Yuejin 1043 (As Of 2016): New vehicles, between Rs. 1,425,000 to Rs. 1,895,000

Other notable Yuejin Commercial Vehicle models found in Sri Lanka includes the Yuejin Nanjing.

Yuejin Commercial Hybrid Vehicles Found in Sri Lanka

From all types of vehicles, commercial grade vehicles typically are not very fuel efficient, due to the nature of the activities that these vehicles are made to tackle. Most vehicle manufacturers have taken steps to make their lineup of vehicles more fuel-efficient to handle this problem. These usually includes the implementation of fuel saving technologies, such as creating fully electric vehicles as well as Hybrid fuel vehicles that can achieve a better mileage compare to an average commercial grade truck, van or a bus. In this regard, Yuejin has also taken attempts at making their lineup of commercial grade trucks more fuel friendly for the global market. However, as of now, such attempts are at an experimental level. As a result, a Yuejin Hybrid Commercial Vehicle might not be available for buying within the Sri Lankan market, though we can expect this to change in the future.

Availability of Yuejin Commercial Vehicles in Sri Lanka

As of 2016, if an investor wants to purchase a Yuejin made commercial vehicle from the local market, then he or she can do so by getting in contact with one of the vehicle importers who import this brand to Sri Lanka. Currently there are more than one dealer for Yuejin vehicles in the island and some of these sellers can be found within the cities that are mentioned below.

Discover the Selection of Yuejin Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Your City on Carmudi Sri Lanka

New, Reconditioned and Used Yuejin Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Colombo

New, Reconditioned and Used Yuejin Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Kandy

New, Reconditioned and Used Yuejin Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Kurunegala

Did You Know?

In 2003, a Yuejin truck arrived at the base camp of Mount Everest, which is located at around 5,200 m above sea level, becoming the first light duty truck to arrive at the Everest base camp.

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