Around 700 participants took part in a motorcycle group ride in the UK’s South Western city of Bristol on September 30, to increase awareness about the country’s recent upsurge in motorcycle thefts.

The ride began from the Dick Lovett BMW Motorrad located in the suburb of Bristol and concluded at Fowlers Motorcycles, at the Bristol city centre.

The UK has seen an unusual increase in motorcycle crimes for the past few months and Bristol has been one of the worst-hit cities in the country. There are reports of organised groups, especially in the north of Bristol, stealing motorcycles for joy riding and posting pictures on social media.

However, Bristol is not the hardest hit city in the UK. London has been by far the worst. According to police reports, there were almost 15,000 bike thefts from July 2016 to June 2017 that accounted for roughly 50 percent of all vehicles stolen in London. It’s a jaw dropping 30 percent increase from what was reported during the same time in previous years. In fact, according to the Motorcycle Industry Association of UK, roughly 60 percent of all bike thefts recorded in the country last year were from London.

The Metropolitan Police of UK has launched Operation Venice to tackle the bike issue. However, its results are yet to be seen.

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