For most Sri Lankans, the first driving experience you will get on any type of vehicle is most probably when you get to ride a motorbike. Cheap prices and better mileage meant these are the most common in any vehicle type, currently found in Sri Lanka. While mainstream motorbikes are everywhere, the most common and safest choice for many is to get a nifty scooter. Unlike the other powerhouses on two wheels, the scooters are small, productive and most importantly, safer, for the first time bike riders.

While there are dozens of choices available in the Sri Lankan market, only a hand full of scooters will truly give you the riding experience you need. As Carmudi Sri Lanka, we would like to show you the best in each of the most useful categories, so that you can make a more informed buying decision, either for you or for a loved one in the near future.

1. Top 3 Scooters with the Cheapest Price

  1. Hero Pleasure: Rs. 204,900 to Rs. 209,990
  2. Suzuki Lets: Rs. 206,000
  3. TVS Scooty Zest: Rs. 204,990 to Rs. 240,900

If what you are looking for is nothing more than the cheapest scooter in the Sri Lankan bike market, then without a trouble, the winner is going to be the Hero Pleasure. Costing as little as Rs. 204,900 (2015), the Pleasure comes with a 102 cc engine that generates 5.03 kW of power at its maximum range, giving you a decent riding experience in the process.

Hero Pleasure Scooter in Sri Lanka

Where to Buy One: the authorized distributor for Hero bikes in Sri Lanka is Abans Auto (Pvt) Ltd, which can be reached through telephone (+94)112565265, (+94)112376000.


2. Top 3 Scooters with the Most Powerful Engine (Maximum Power in kW and Torque in Nm)

  1. Honda Activa: 38 kW @ 6500 rpm/ 10.12 Nm @ 5000 rpm
  2. Suzuki Swish 125: 4 kW @ 7000 rpm/ 9.8 Nm @ 5000 rpm
  3. Suzuki Lets: 5 kW @ 7,500 rpm/ 9.0 Nm @ 6,500 rpm

The scooters, especially the models sold in Sri Lanka are not well known for their sporty performance. However, if you are keener on riding a capable bike that can take you places with less amount of time, then the Honda Activa should be your number one choice. For a relatively low 6500 rpm, the Activa delivers 6.38 kW of maximum power and 10.12 Nm of maximum torque in its larger 125 cc engine, giving you the riding pleasure you deserves.

Honda Activa in Sri Lanka

Where to Buy One: the authorized distributor for Honda motorcycles in Sri Lanka is the Stafford Motor Company (Pvt) Ltd, which can be reached through telephone (+94)117607200.


Top 3 Scooters with the Best Fuel Economy (Mileage in km/l)

  1. A) Suzuki Lets: 63 km/l
  2. B) Hero Pleasure: 63 km/l
  3. C) TVS Scooty Zest: 62 km/l

For anyone who is riding a bike or even driving a car, the fuel efficiency is a very important factor. Scooters typically have a slightly lesser fuel economy than conventional bikes, but if you want the most mileage for the money, then the Suzuki Lets will have you covered. With its 113 cc engine, the Lets is capable of achieving 63 km/l, which is certainly a plus on Sri Lanka’s busy roads.

Suzuki Lets Sri Lanka

Where to Buy One: the authorized distributor for Suzuki motorcycles in Sri Lanka is Suzuki Motors Lanka Ltd, which can be reached through telephone (+94)112680724 – 5


4. Top 3 Scooters with the Biggest Cargo Space/ Volume/ Capacity (in Liters)

  1. A) Yamaha Alpha: 21 L
  2. B) Suzuki Lets: 20 L
  3. C) Suzuki Swish 125: 20 L

One of the key elements that help scooters standout from conventional motorcycles are their capability to carry extra luggage, without making the rider uncomfortable or affecting the safety of the ride. The Yamaha Alpha is the clear winner in this department, offering 21 L of cargo space, which is a full one liter more than what its closest competitor offers. Powered by a 113 cc engine the Alpha also delivers a maximum of 5.3 kW @ 7,500 rpm, providing the energy to carry you and your cargo forward.

Yamaha Cygnus Alpha in Sri Lanka

Where to Buy One: the authorized distributor for Yamaha motorcycles in Sri Lanka is Associated Motorways (Private) Limited, which can be reached through telephone (+94)112309300, (+94)112433371 – 8


5. Top 3 Scooters with the Lightest Weight / Easiest to Handle (in kg)

  1. Suzuki Lets: 98 kg
  2. TVS Scooty Zest: 98.5 kg
  3. Hero Pleasure: 101 kg

The basic design of a scooter is intentionally crafted to make it far easier and safer for riding, particularly under busy traffic conditions. The weight of the bike is a key element that affects the handling capabilities, especially if you are a first time rider. The Suzuki Lets is the winner in this category with a weight of only 98 kg, which has also affected positively on its overall fuel economy. The 113 cc engine that conveys a maximum output of around 6.5 kW @ 7,500 rpm, gives you further control over the ride.

Tvs scooty zest in Sri Lanka

Where to Buy One: the authorized distributor for Suzuki motorcycles is the Suzuki Motors Lanka Ltd, while the authorized distributor for TVS motorcycles is the TVS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, which can be reached through telephone (+94)114600500.


The All-Round Winners

By now, you probably have an idea of what the top performing scooters are. To make it even simpler, just look at the three champions below.

  1. Suzuki Lets
  2. Hero Pleasure
  3. TVS Scooty Zest

Suzuki Lets in Sri Lanka

The Suzuki Lets made it into the top three, of all of the major five categories, making it easily the best overall performing scooter sold in the country. With a price of around Rs. 206,000 (2015), it is also the best value for money scooter, for the first time motorcycle buyers in Sri Lanka.

Other Honorable Mentions Include: Honda Activa I, TVS Jupiter, TVS Wego, Yamaha Ray

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