With the rise of curb air pollution and after the diesel emissions scandal, which exposed cheating to manipulate test readings, German carmakers have agreed with top politicians to cut harmful emissions in 5 million diesel vehicles with an updated software.  

This new engine management software will improve filtering and reduce the toxic nitrogen oxide levels by 25-30%, according to the industry association VDA.

Car firms are a crucial part of the German economy, providing more than 800,000 jobs.

‘Stop-gap measure’

The latest software updates would be free for motorists and would be just as effective, in cutting NOx levels, as any bans on diesel cars in cities. The VDA emphasized on the act that the software update will not cause any reduction in the car’s efficiency or durability. The cars targeted for this will be those in the EU’s Euro-5 category for car emissions (for new registrations from 1 January 2011) and some in the Euro-6 category (for new registrations from 1 September 2015). Among the 5 million cars, 2.5 million are Volkwagens where BMW will cover 225,000 of its cars in the Euro-5 category.

BMW will also give a discount of up to €2,000 (£1,792; $2,373) to drivers who exchange an old Euro-4 category BMW when they buy a new diesel BMW, electric BMW or Mini. Ford also conducts a similar offer.

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