Now that you have bought your dream vehicle, it’s time to get it registered and hit the roads. There is a standard protocol you have to follow when registering a new vehicle. If you get your documents clean and ready during your vehicle purchase, the process of registering your new vehicle will be faster and easier. Being a vehicle owner, you should always have your vehicle’s title and insurance details ready to be presented whenever needed.

Registration Documents for of new vehicles

For the registration of a motor vehicle in Sri Lanka, it should be a motor vehicle that has not been registered in this country earlier. If you have purchased a pre-owned vehicle, there is a procedure to take over the registration and the ownership which will be discussed later in this article. It should be kept in mind that left hand drive vehicles are not registered in Sri Lanka due to regulations here. As the information given in MTA – 2 application used in vehicle registration is computerized. MTA-2 application should be completed only in English.

The Documents that are required to be submitted for the registration of a motor vehicle can be handed over to the relevant registration branch at the Head Office of the Department of Motor Traffic situated at Narahenpita, Colombo 05 from 09.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. on working days for the public sector.

Application forms are issued free of charge and they can be obtained at the Head Office or District Secretariats. Following documents should be submitted in order to obtain a registration for your vehicle.

  • MTA – 2 Application Form
  • Two 2.0 x 2.5 inch photographs of the owner of the vehicle (The Grama Niladhari of the relevant area or the vehicle importer should certify on the reverse of the photograph)
  • A photocopy of the national identity card, driving license or the valid passport of the owner of the vehicle.
  • Originals of receipts for customs duty payments (Assessment notice)
  • In case of a brand new vehicle, the relevant invoice.
  • In case of a reconditioned vehicle, foreign registration certificate (with the English translation)
  • If the vehicle has been imported with an import permit, the relevant permit.
  • For registration of absolute ownership, the relevant MTA-3.
  • In case of registration with a mortgage, a copy of the mortgage deed.
  • In case of a vehicle obtained at auction held by the customs, three armed forces or courts, the letter obtained from the relevant authorities and the receipt.
  • For vehicles that were shipped subsequent to 01.03.2007 and coming under H.S. codes 8702, 8703, 8704 and 8705, pre-export examination certificate.
  • For brand new vehicles, prototype of the relevant vehicle model or the relevant weight measuring certificate.
  • In case of registration under the name of a business, a photocopy of the registration certificate of that business.
  • Motor vehicle examiner’s report for motor vehicles.
  • 02 postcard size colour photographs depicting the front and the body of the relevant vehicle. (Chassis Number should be mentioned and the applicant should sign them.)
  • In case of a motor bicycle, the packing list certified by a motor vehicle examiner.
  • In case of an imported reconditioned motor cycle, in addition to the customs document, the engine and chassis numbers should be certified by a motor vehicle examiner.
  • For a motor vehicle produced or assembled in this country, the letter by the Assistant Commissioner approving the chassis and engine number should be submitted.
  • When imported on duty free concession, duty-free permits.

Registration Documents for of used vehicles

If you purchased a used vehicle, you need to get the ownership transferred to you by the previous owner. For that, obtain the relevant form set containing MTA 6 and MTA 8 forms either from Department of Motor Traffic, District /Divisional Secretariats or the Department’s Web site. The current registered owner shall keep the A and A1 copies of the application and handover the rest to the new owner of the vehicle and the current registered owner shall send through the registered post or hand deliver the Copy A of MTA6 to the Commissioner General of Motor Traffic and keep the copy A1. The new owner may handover the duly completed copy B of MTA 6 and copy C of MTA 8 to the relevant Vehicle Transfer section of the Department of Motor Traffic and shall obtain the CMT 52 receipt.

The applications with other relevant supporting documents could be handed over at the Normal service counters of the relevant transfer branches of the Department of Motor Traffic, Colombo 05 or a district office of Motor Traffic or the relevant Divisional Secretariat between 9.00 am to 2.00 pm on week days.

Note: Above information is issued by Department of Motor Traffic, Sri Lanka.
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