A major issue that has hampered the wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles is the time it takes to charge its battery, along with the limited range of such vehicles and the high cost of buying one. Conversely, EV developers have been working hard for the past few years to solve these issues, which has resulted in significant improvements to the EV range, while the prices have also fallen. However, the charging time of the batteries is still an issue.

Nevertheless, a new pioneering technology from Toshiba is expected to turn the table around. Last month, the company announced what it called as the ‘next generation of lithium-ion batteries’. A new material dubbed titanium niobium oxide is said to be capable of doubling the capacity of a battery anode, giving it a significantly improved charging time than a conventional lithium-ion battery.

In fact, Toshiba claims that an EV with this proprietary technology can achieve up to 320km of range, after just a six-minute charge. The Japanese electronics giant also mentioned that with this technology, you could expect a car powered by its new Super Charge Ion Battery to travel three times farther, than an EV powered by a conventional battery.

Commenting on the technology, Toshiba’s head of research and development, Dr Osamu Hori, said that this is a game-changing development for the EV industry.

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