When Toyota unveiled its Concept-i car, the company said that it has a personality of its own. That statement, in fact, was meant quite literally. Apart from having all the bells and whistles that can be expected from a typical concept-car, such as scissor-hinged doors and the ability to self-drive, the Toyota Concept-i also comes with an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system, which is specifically designed to stimulate a relationship with the vehicle’s human driver.


The best way to comprehend the Concept-i is to see it more as a vehicular equivalent of the company’s Kirobo Mini robot, which is currently being sold in Japan. Just like Kirobo, the Concept-i comes with an AI user interface to interact with humans. Dubbed Yui, this system is capable of displaying messages on the car’s bodywork. For example, its exterior door panels can show written greetings to those entering the cabin and its rear end can display messages for those driving behind.

Yui also shows messages in the car’s interior, displaying vital info on the car’s dashboard while interacting with the passengers via sound and touch.

The Concept-i also has sensors to measure the driver’s emotions and level of attention. It’s also capable of dynamically adjusting the amount of autonomous involvement that should be done by the AI, in order to assist the driver.

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