Yamaha managed to turn heads when it revealed a three-wheeler, which is, in fact, a motorcycle with three wheels. Dubbed the Yamaha Niken, this new motorcycle does not look like a traditional three-wheeled bike. Instead, it has one wheel in the back and two unusually designed wheels in the front.

Based on the company’s popular MT-09 platform, the new Yamaha Niken aims to take the aggressive fun attitude of the MT-09 and combines it with a front two-wheel layout, which the company refers as a Leaning Multi-Wheeler (LMW). It will give the bike an outstanding level of handling and grip on the road.

The Niken is the first production tilting three-wheeled motorbike of its kind from Yamaha and is expected to come with fully adjustable suspensions, a liquid-cooled in-line 3-cylinder engine as well as traction control and different rider modes.

While not many technical details were revealed, we know that it will be 2150mm long, 885mm wide and 1250mm tall. Nevertheless, apart from the obvious highlight that it has two wheels at the front, the rest of the bikes seems like a conventional motorcycle, similar to its MT-09 relatives.

While Yamaha didn’t give any definite numbers on the pricing, expect it to be on the premium side.

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