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Honda Activa i for Sale in Sri Lanka

Honda Activa I for Sale in Sri Lanka | Honda Activa I Price in Sri Lanka

Honda Activa i Review

The Activa I, which is manufactured by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, is a midrange scooter model primarily targeted at the younger generation. With a nifty yet modest design, which is combined with an appealing pricing strategy has helped it to become a top choice for many first time motorcycle riders, not only in India, but also in Sri Lanka.

Unlike its bigger sibling that has a 125 cc engine, the Honda Activa I comes with a more fuel-efficient 110 cc locomotive that definitely does not disappoint on the performance department. In fact, according to Honda’s own performance data the Activa I is capable of more than 5 kW of power and more that 8 Nm of torque, which is enough to pullout most challenging daily commuting tasks seen in Sri Lanka. One of the interesting features that comes with the Honda Activa I is its Combi Brake System, designed to handle the riding style of many younger scooter riders. Not only has it improved the overall handling but also the safety, giving more peace of mind for its passengers.

10 Things to Know When Buying a Honda Activa i

1. History and Facts about Honda Activa i in Sri Lanka

First introduced to the world in June 2013, the Honda Activa I, combined with its larger engine sibling the Honda Activa, easily became one of the best-selling two-wheeler models ever to come out of Honda. By April 2014, the Economic Times has reported that the Activa model has become the best-selling scooter in the Indian subcontinent, outperforming the sales figures of its close competitor the Hero Splendor.

In Sri Lanka, the Activa I has experienced similar growth to what was observed in India. This also meant that spare parts and enhancing accessories were also quickly imported to the country to feed its growing demand, mainly through its official distributor the Stafford Motors but also through prominent third party dealers from various cities throughout the country. Overall, if someone needs a good city commuting two-wheeler that achieves a good fuel economy while not costing an arm and a leg to purchase, then the Honda Activa I can easily be named as one of the top contenders that will satisfy such riding needs in the long term.

2. Honda Activa I Specifications

The Honda Activa I is a well capable mid-range scooter that packs a very admirable power to move its drivetrain.

Honda Activa I Engine Specs:

  • Type: Air cooled, 4-stroke SI
  • Size: 110 cc
  • Cylinders: Single-Cylinder
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
  • Maximum Output: 5.84 kW @ 7500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 8.74 Nm @ 5500 rpm
  • Starting System: Kick/ Self
  • Ignition System: C.D.I
  • Transmission: V-Matic
  • Clutch type: Automatic
  • Top Speed: 83 km/h
  • Acceleration: 10 seconds (0-60 km/h)
  • Tire Specs (Front / Rear): (90|100-10)/ (90|100-10)
  • Suspension (Front / Rear): Spring Loaded Hydraulic/ Spring Loaded Hydraulic
  • Brakes (Front / Rear): Drum 130 mm/ Drum 130 (CBS)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1795 mm x 705 mm x 1115 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1238 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 165 mm
  • Curb Weight: 103 kg
  • Seat Height: 765 mm
  • Seating Capacity: 2-seats

4. Honda Activa I Fuel Consumption

Overall, the Honda Activa I comes with a 110 cc, Air-cooled, 4-stroke SI engine made by Honda and generates an output of roughly 5.84 kW @ 7500 rpm to carry its passengers as well as the extra cargo. With a standard V-Matic transmission, the Activa I can reach a top speed of 83 km/h and an acceleration of 10 seconds from 0-60 km/h.

Nevertheless, the power output of this scooter has not affected negatively on its fuel efficiency and the Activa I was recorded to reach around 66 km/l for a combined city and highway ride cycle under thoroughly tested conditions.

  • Fuel Category: Petrol
  • Recommended Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded
  • Fuel Supply: Carburetor
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.3 L

4. Design and Features of Honda Activa I Scooter

The exterior of the Honda Activa I has a number of unique features to enhance the riding experience of its passengers. These may include Floral Style Graphics, Single Riding Seat, Instrument Panel, Inner Body Cover, Taillights, Tubeless Tyres, Under Bone Frame, Fuel Gauge, Convenient Lift-Up Independent Cover, Storage Space, Analogue Speedometer, Low Battery Indicator, Pillion Grabrail, Low Oil Indicator, Pillion Seat, and Turn Signal.

5. Available Color Options of Honda Activa I in Sri Lanka

Alpha Red Metallic, Pearl Amazing White, Autumn Beige Metallic, Black, Pearl Amazing White, Orchid Purple Metallic

6. How is the Safety Rating And Associated Features of the Activa I bike?

The safety is an aspect that the Honda Activa I has taken seriously and have few features to improve the safety as well as the security while on the road.

  • Combi Brake System (CBS)
  • Anti-Deflation Tubeless Tyres
  • Rear View Mirrors
  • Low Fuel Indicator
  • Pillion Footrest
  • Exhaust Guard

7. What are the Standout Elements of Honda Activa I ?

One of the key distinguishing factors of the scooter can be recognized within its innovative Combi Brake System (CBS) that ensures a stable stop even at relatively high speeds, helping to improve the rider’s safety in the process.

Apart from that, another aspect that helps this bike to standout is its admirable fuel economy, which stands at around 66 km/l for a combined cycle in Sri Lanka.

8. Honda Activa I Compared To Other Motorbikes in Sri Lanka

The Honda Activa I, for being a midrange scooter can be compared with the TVS Wego, the Hero Pleasure and the Yamaha Ray that are easily found throughout Sri Lanka.

  • Honda Activa i vs. TVS Wego - The Activa I has a higher top speed when compared with the Wego
  • Honda Activa i vs. Hero Pleasure - The Activa I has better fuel economy than the Pleasure
  • Honda Activa i vs. Yamaha Ray - The Activa I has better acceleration if compared with the Ray

9. Key Reasons to Buy a Honda Activa i Bike

If you are one of the lucky individuals who are now thinking about buying this scooter for your personal use, then remember to also consider some of the below aspects, to have a more informed buying decision.


  • Simplistic and productive design
  • Powerful engine for its class
  • Class leading fuel economy
  • Reliability of the model in the Sri Lankan market
  • Advanced braking technology


Some reviewers have mentioned that the suspension system of this scooter to be a bit outdated when it is compared with some of its competitors. However, this does not affect negatively on Honda Activa I’s performance, and even contributes to its competitive price margin seen in Sri Lanka.

For being a scooter, the Honda Activa I naturally does not have the acceleration seen among mainstream motorbikes. This however is not a significant issue since the Activa I’s performance is well suited for the city riding conditions of our country.

10. Where to Find a Honda Activa i for Sale in Sri Lanka ?

One of the best methods to find a brand-new Honda Activa I is to get in contact with the Stafford Motor Company (Pvt) Ltd, who acts as the official distributor for the brand in the country. However, this is not the only option and a prospective buyer can similarly search through third party motorcycle dealers based in below cities across Sri Lanka.

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Honda Activa i Price in Sri Lanka

As of 2015, a Honda Activa I scooter in its brand new condition is available for between Rs. 199,500 to Rs. 212,500, subject to the options being offered. A reconditioned or used Honda Activa I can also be bought from a number of dealers with around Rs. 162,000 for a 2014 model and around Rs. 180,000 for a 2015 model, depending on its condition as well as the supplier.

Honda Activa i Price List on Carmudi.lk

Price for Brand New Honda Activa i

  1. Honda Activa i 2014: Rs. 199,500
  2. Honda Activa i HET 2014: Rs. 212,500
  3. Honda Activa i 2015: Rs. 212,500

Price for Used Honda Activa I 

  1. Honda Activa i 2014: Rs. 162,000
  2. Honda Activa i 2015: Rs. 180,000

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