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New and used Motorbikes for sale in Sri Lanka

The legacy of the two wheel motorcycles, which we have come to love here in Sri Lanka, is as old as the automotive industry itself. There is no clear consensus of what or who built the first motorcycle, due to the varieties of technologies used at that time, but it is widely credited that a British inventor named Edward Butler, in 1884 built one of the first commercial designs for a motorcycle, which was a three-wheeled bicycle that he named as the Butler Petrol Cycle. The Daimler Reitwagen, which was built in 1885 by the German designers Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach is also considered as one of the first true motorcycles, for that it was a two wheeler and ran on a gasoline powered internal combustion engine.

However, it should also be noted that there are earlier designs of motorized two wheelers that used alternate steam powered engines, such as the French Michaux-Perreaux steam velocipede (1867) and the American Roper steam velocipede (1867). Nevertheless, since these did not use petroleum internal combustion engines, they are not considered true motorcycles as we see today.

Motorcycles in Sri Lanka

The very first motorcycles were brought to Sri Lanka at the time when the country was under the British Monarch. However, very little information about these vehicles survive today. What was clear is that the use of the Motorcycles in our island took off at the time of the Second World War, when they were largely brought to the country to be used by the British Armed Forces.

After the independence of Sri Lanka, the motorcycles gained a gradual popularity in the country, due to its versatility, highly favorable fuel economy and very affordable price margins that fit the needs of many Sri Lankans. Today the motorbikes represents the largest proportion of any vehicle type driven in Sri Lanka. Unlike cars, vans or SUV’s, the bike segment is largely dominated by Indian manufacturers, mainly due to their cheap price margins and are closely competed by the Japanese bike makers, for the high-end motorcycle segment. Similar to other vehicles, the motorbikes are also imported to the country through official distributors. These merchants provide servicing as well as aftersales support for their customers. Third party suppliers also provide a significant service and import both spare parts as well as accessories depending on the consumer demand.

05 Things to Consider When Buying a Motorbike in Sri Lanka

  1. When considering to by a motorcycle for your personal use, one of the first things you should think about is whether to buy a standard motorbike or a scooter. The majority of people would go for a standard bike, but if you are a commuter mostly within a city, then buying a scooter could be more beneficial in the long term. Such scooters are easier to ride and easier to maneuver, and has the added advantage of having cargo compartments that can be helpful for typical families
  2. Another aspect to consider is whether to buy a brand new bike, or a reconditioned / used This will depend on how you will be using your bike and for what duration. If you are a long distance commuter and carry another passenger with you for most of the time, then going for a brand new one would be the best choice
  3. Most Sri Lankans, who decide to buy a bike instead of a car, do so not because they enjoy the ride, but simply because the bikes are cheaper and fuel-efficient compared to cars. However, it is still better to do your research to have an understanding of the level of fuel efficiency your desired model offers, as well as the minimum price for that model in Sri Lanka’s motorcycle market
  4. Regardless of whether you are buying a brand new bike or a used one, it is always best to do a check for any defects that might end up costing you in the long-term. Unlike cars, motorcycles do not have to pass strict regulations, which means the manufacturers are more focused on reducing the cost and increasing profits that might compromise on the quality aspect.
  5. Remember to do a thorough test ride, if possible more than once. Specifications of a vehicle might sound good on paper, but the only way to be sure is to test it in the real world.

Top 06 Best Selling Motorcycle Brands In Sri Lanka

These are the most popular motorcycle brands that produces Motorbikes, Cruisers, Sport Bikes, and Scooters, to be sold in Sri Lanka.

1. Yamaha

Established in 1955, the Yamaha Motor Company is today one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Headquartered in Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan, the brand is also one of the most prominent motorbike brands found in Sri Lanka. It is widely regarded as a high-end brand by many Sri Lankan bike lovers with the Yamaha FZ16 and the Yamaha FZ-S being some of the most sort after motorcycles by the younger generation of our country. The Yamaha Ray scooter must also be mentioned, as it is the most popular scooter from the manufacturer to be sold in Sri Lanka.

Price of Best Selling Yamaha Bike

  • Yamaha FZ16 153 cc:  New bikes, around Rs. 377,000 Reconditioned or used bikes, between Rs. 225,000 to Rs. 325,000.
  • Yamaha FZ S 149 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 210,000 to Rs. 347,000.
  • Yamaha Ray 113 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 211,000 to Rs. 224,500
  • Yamaha Alpha 113 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 223,900 to Rs. 225,900
  • Yamaha Fazer 153 cc: New bikes, around Rs. 425,000
  • Yamaha R6 600 cc: Reconditioned or used bikes, between Rs. 1,050,000 to Rs. 1,400,000

2. Hero

Founded in 1984, the Hero MotoCorp Ltd., which was previously known as Hero Honda, has been a highly admired motorcycle brand in Sri Lanka. Based in Dharuhera, India, the company’s motorbikes are well known for durability, excellent fuel economy and competitive pricing, which have all resulted in it being a widely requested motorcycle brand in the country. Some of its highly popular models includes the Hero Hunk and the Hero Glamour for the working class as well as the Hero Pleasure scooter, which is increasingly becoming popular among Sri Lanka’s first time bike riders.

Price of Best Selling Hero Bike 

  • Hero Pleasure 102 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 204,990 to Rs. 209,990
  • Hero Hunk 149.2 cc:  New bikes, between Rs. 279,990 to Rs. 299,999
  • Hero Glamour 124.7 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 229,990 to Rs. 239,990
  • Hero Dawn 97.2 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 145,990 to Rs. 158,990
  • Hero Splendor iSmart 97.2 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 189,990 to Rs. 194,990

3. TVS

Founded in 1979, the TVS Motor Company saw rapid growth within the following decades, to become the third largest two-wheel vehicle manufacturer of India. As of 2015, it is also one of the top 10 two wheel vehicle manufacturers in the world. One of the main reasons for the brand to gain prominence in Sri Lanka is its reliable build quality, which helps riders to get to their intended destination without any hassle. Particularly the scooter varieties of TVS has been a hit in Sri Lanka with models such as the TVS Scooty Zes, the TVS Wego and the TVS Jupiter taking the top spot.

 Price of Best Selling TVS Bike

  • TVS Scooty Zest 110 cc : New bikes, between Rs. 195,000 to Rs. 240,900
  • TVS Wego 110 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 215,900 to Rs. 270,900
  • TVS Jupiter 110 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 218,000 to Rs. 218,500
  • TVS Metro 100 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 159,900 to Rs. 197,900
  • TVS Apache 177.4 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 293,900 to Rs. 344,000
  • TVS XL Super 70 cc: New bikes, around Rs. 102,000
  • TVS Phoenix 125 cc: New bikes, around Rs. 219,000

4. Bajaj

Without a doubt, the Bajaj motorcycles are a leading motorbike brand sold in Sri Lanka. First established in 1945, it has secured itself as a maker of reliable, low price and highly fuel efficient motorcycles that are a favorite among many middle class Sri Lankans today. Particularly its higher all-purpose offerings such as the Bajaj Pulsar, the Bajaj Platina and the Bajaj Discover have been a huge success among the countries younger generation, who wanted a well performing bike without breaking their bank in the process.

Price of Best Selling Bajaj Bike 

  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 259,000 to Rs. 460,400. Reconditioned or used bikes, between Rs. 155,000 to Rs. 260,000
  • Bajaj Platina 102 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 175,990 to Rs. 169,500
  • Bajaj Discover 124.6 cc: New bikes, around Rs. 160,000

5. Honda

There is no denying that if most young Sri Lankans could afford, then they would certainly buy a Honda sports bike, for their personal use. Established in 1948, Honda has been building motorcycles since 1955 and has attained the coveted position of being the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959. The success of Honda as a motorbike manufacturer is primarily due to its technology, which offers a superb built quality with an admirable fuel economy, yet to a competitive price range. Particularly the company’s scooters, such as the Honda Activa I and the Honda Activa are a hit in Sri Lanka.

Price of Best Selling Honda Bike 

6. Suzuki

Headquartered in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Japan, the Suzuki Motor Corporation was first founded in 1909. The company has been manufacturing motorbikes since 1952 and has been a leading name in the bike world ever since. The Suzuki Hayabusa superbike has been one of the company’s greatest achievements to date, with the Hayabusa achieving the title of the fastest mass-produced legal superbike in the world. In Sri Lanka, the company has seen success with its all-purpose offerings such as the Suzuki GN as well as its scooters that includes the Suzuki Lets, which are highly popular among the Sri Lanka’s working class.

Price of Best Selling Suzuki Bike 

  • Suzuki GN 125 cc: New bikes, around Rs. 262,500. Reconditioned or used bikes, between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 210,000
  • Suzuki Lets 112.8 cc: New bikes, around Rs. 206,000
  • Suzuki Gixxer 154.9 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 329,500 to Rs. 336,500
  • Suzuki SlingShot Plus 124 cc: New bikes, around Rs. 237,400
  • Suzuki Swish 125 124 cc: New bikes, between Rs. 219,000 to Rs. 224,000

Other notable motorcycle brands found in Sri Lanka includes the Amur Leopard, Bourget, Greeves, Harley Davidson , Hino, Hodaka, Hyosung, Indian, KTM, Kawasaki, MV Agusta Qingqi and Vincent.

Where to find Motorbikes for Sale in Sri Lanka

For those who are hoping to buy a brand new motorbike, the best option is to contact the authorized distributor of the bike model that you have decided to buy. Most of these distributors are based in and around Colombo, with the majority of them having an island wide branch network, to serve customers living in other regions of the country. Details of some of these distributors can be seen below.

Top motorcycle brands and their official distributors in Sri Lanka


  • Associated Motorways (Private) Limited.
  • Address: Corporate Head Office, No: 185, Union Place, Colombo 2, Sri Lanka.
  • Telephone: (+94)112309300, (+94)112433371 - 8
  • Fax: (+94)112449909, (+94)112304646
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: http://www.amwltd.com/


  • Abans Auto (Pvt) Ltd
  • Address: No. 498, Galle Road, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
  • Telephone: (+94)112565265, (+94)112376000
  • Fax: (+94)112263300
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: http://www.heromotocorp.com/en-lk/


  • TVS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Address: No. 38, Old Negombo Road, Wattala, Sri Lanka.
  • Telephone: (+94)114600500
  • Fax: (+94)114614906
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: http://www.tvslanka.lk/


  • David Pieris Motor Company Ltd.
  • Address: No. 75, Hyde Park Corner, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.
  • Telephone: (+94)114700600
  • Fax: (+94)112687175
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: http://www.dpmco.com/motor_company?sub=7


  • Stafford Motor Company (Pvt). Ltd.
  • Address: Corporate Office, No. 718/7, Maradana Road, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.
  • Telephone: (+94)117607200
  • Fax: (+94)112686840/ (+94)112697423
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: http://www.honda.lk/


  • Suzuki Motors Lanka Ltd.
  • Address: No. 315, Deans Road, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.
  • Telephone: (+94)112680724 - 5
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: http://www.suzukimotorcyclessrilanka.com/

Buy your dream motorbikes at Carmudi Sri Lanka 

Apart from the official distributors, motorcycles are also imported to Sri Lanka through third party dealers. For those who want to by a reconditioned or used motorcycle as well as spare parts and accessories, can also contact these third party distributors to obtain what you need. To learn if such dealers operate in your city and the models they offer, check through the links given below.

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