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Suzuki Bikes for Sale in Sri Lanka

The origin and legacy of the company that we have come to love today as Suzuki, here in Sri Lanka, has its roots as far back as 1909, when a highly talented Japanese inventor and businessman named Michio Suzuki laid the groundwork’s for this company. Throughout the next century, the company saw exponential growth in its technology, production capacity as well as worldwide fame, to become one of the most renowned motorcycle as well as automobile manufacturers on earth.

Headquartered in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Japan the company produced its first motorcycle in 1952, with its first models being simple motorized bicycles. Nevertheless, within the next two decades, the motorcycle division of the company grew rapidly and this was clearly supported by Suzuki’s accomplishments, on the motorcycle-racing field in the 1970’s. Suzuki’s prominence as a leading racing bike manufacturer is the reason why the brand became established even here in Sri Lanka, and its high-class models are dream bikes for many young Sri Lankan motorcycle enthusiasts.

Suzuki Bikes in Sri Lanka

The Suzuki branded bikes are one of the most popular motorcycles found in Sri Lanka. Suzuki’s popularity as a prominent sports bike manufacturer has been a leading factor for it to be recognized in the country, with even older models having a good aftermarket value in Sri Lanka. Currently, all-purpose models such as the Suzuki GN as well as the Suzuki SlingShot Plus are a popular choice among the countries working class. The company’s scooter models such as the Suzuki Lets and the Suzuki Swish have seen a gradual growth in popularity and its higher end offerings such as the Suzuki Gixxer has shown promising signs of becoming a favorite among the country's power bike enthusiasts.

Spare parts have not been an issue for Suzuki bikes with its authorized distributor, Associated Motorways providing an excellent support for its motorcycle customers. Third party suppliers also offer a wide range of facilities including servicing as well as accessories, which could be a good addition for anyone thinking about buying a Suzuki motorbike in Sri Lanka.

05 Reasons to Buy a Suzuki Motorbike

  • Outstanding and proven technology straight from Japan that is on par or exceeds any other motorcycle manufacturer present in Sri Lanka
  • Very good aftermarket value for Suzuki branded motorcycles within the country
  • Highly competitive price margins for the technology and features being presented, making the brand a good value for money offering in Sri Lanka
  • Having an authorized distributor, Associated Motorways (Pvt) Ltd, for the brand in the country, which is known to provide a top-notch service for its customers.
  • Hassle free availability of spare parts throughout the country even for older models, making long-term maintenance an easier task

Top 05 Best Selling Suzuki Motorcycle Models in Sri Lanka

These are the most popular Suzuki motorcycles (Motorbikes, Cruisers, Sport Bikes, Scooters etc...), sold in Sri Lanka.

1. Suzuki GN

The Suzuki GN is by far the most popular motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki to be sold in Sri Lanka. Particularly the bikes lower end 125 cc engine model has been a hit in the country, with the motorcycle being used by everyone from simple office workers to couriers or fast food delivery personnel throughout the island. The success of this model in Sri Lanka is primarily due to its attractive classic design that combined admirable performance with good fuel economy, which are all highly important for the country's rising middle class.

Engine Displacement (Size): 125 cc

Price (As Of 2015): New bikes, around Rs. 262,500. Reconditioned or used bikes, between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 210,000.

2. Suzuki Lets

The Suzuki Lets is probably the most popular scooter offering from the Suzuki Motor Corporation that is available in Sri Lanka. To compete with scooter offerings from other manufacturers, the Suzuki Lets is powered by a well capable 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC, 2 valve engine, which has achieved a maximum power output of around 6.5 kW @ 7,500 rpm or (8.7 hp @ 7,500 rpm), to thrust its two wheels forward. The bike also comes with a CVT transmission, which most riders would find welcoming. Due to its technology, the Lets has recorded an excellent fuel economy, which is around 64 km/l, on Sri Lanka’s busy city riding conditions.

Engine Displacement (Size): 112.8 cc

Price (As Of 2015): New bikes, around Rs. 206,000.

3. Suzuki Gixxer

The Suzuki Gixxer is one of the most capable, street legal motorcycles to be manufactured by Suzuki to be sold in the country. The bike comes with an admirably powerful engine that has a 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC, 2 Valve form factor. As a result, the Suzuki Gixxer has a very good power output for its class with a maximum output of around 14.8 ps @ 8000 rpm that proves this bike is capable of handling even the toughest road conditions in Sri Lanka. However, surprisingly, the Gixxer does not sacrifice on the fuel economy department, with the company claiming that it is capable of 63 km/l on a combined riding cycle.

Engine Displacement (Size): 154.9 cc

Price (As Of 2015): New bikes, between Rs. 329,500 to Rs. 336,500.

4. Suzuki SlingShot Plus

The SlingShot Plus from Suzuki can be denoted as a bike that was designed with young office commuters in mind. It has a stylish outlook to compete with its competitors, with a capable engine to take its rider to their intended destination. The Suzuki SlingShot Plus is powered by an air-cooled, 4-Stroke, 1 Cylinder, SOHC locomotive, which has resulted in a maximum power output of around 8 bhp @ 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of around 10 Nm. The bike also does well when it comes to the fuel efficiency with an overall fuel economy of around 59 km/l on Sri Lanka’s city riding conditions.

Engine Displacement (Size): 124 cc

Price (As Of 2015): New bikes, around Rs. 237,400.

5. Suzuki Swish 125

From the scooter offerings from Suzuki that is available in Sri Lanka, the Suzuki Swish 125 is by far the most powerful scooter of them all. It comes with a superb 124 cc engine displacement that is operated by a 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, OHC form factor, giving it the energy to carry its two adult passengers. The scooter has a very good maximum power output for its class and produces 6.4 kW @ 7000 rpm or 8.58 hp @ 7,000 rpm. This powerful engine has not sacrificed its fuel efficiency in the process and has recorded to have around 57 km/l on a combined riding cycle.

Engine Displacement (Size): 124 cc

Price (As Of 2015): New bikes, between Rs. 219,000 to Rs. 224,000.

Where to buy Suzuki Bikes in Sri Lanka?

For those who want to buy a brand new Suzuki motorcycle can do so by contacting the official distributor for Suzuki vehicles and spare parts in Sri Lanka, the Suzuki Motors Lanka Ltd., which is based in Colombo. Nevertheless, if you are in search of a reconditioned or used Suzuki bike, then remember to look through the dozens of third party suppliers located in prominent cities throughout the island.

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Did You Know?

The critically acclaimed Suzuki Hayabusa superbike, which is codenamed GSX1300R, is considered as the fastest mass-produced superbike to be built for legal racing purposes. Soon after the release of the motorcycle, the European regulators imposed an arbitrary top speed limit for European and Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, which technically left the crown to Hayabusa, as the fastest production bike of the 20th century.

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