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TVS Motorcycles for Sale in Sri Lanka

TVS bikes for Sale in Sri Lanka | TVS bikes Price in Sri Lanka

TVS Motor Company Ltd happens to be the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and as of now is among the top ten two-wheeler manufacturers in the world. The company boasts an impressive production output of more than 2.5 million unit sales per annum. The TVS motor company currently exports its range of products to more than 60 countries around the world including Sri Lanka, ensuring its gradual rise as a dominant player in the world of motorcycle manufacturing.

First founded in its current form more than 35 years ago in 1979, it is now based in Chennai, state of Tamil Nadu, India. The company saw gradual growth throughout the past three decades to evolve into the much-loved two-wheeler manufacturer that we see today. The company’s growth has been phenomenal to say the least, with it achieving an annual revenue of around USD 1.6 Billion in 2014, posing a clear challenge to the other big motorcycle manufacturers, not only in India, but also around the world.

TVS Bikes in Sri Lanka

TVS as a top-level motorcycle brand, has won the hearts of many Sri Lankans with their innovative offerings, which also provide users with absolute value for money. The strong branch network and the superior after sales service provided by the official agent also adds to TVS`s overall appeal to the Sri Lankan public who demands a reliable product and a good service in the long term.

TVS Lanka has spread itself throughout the country and has a strong network of branches. The company provides superior after sales service and has ensured that spare parts, accessories and servicing options are readily available throughout Sri Lanka. The value for money factor of TVS bikes and the strength of the agent has given rise to a high demand for TVS motorcycles in Sri Lanka and as a result, you will have many used and brand new models to choose, from sales outlets located across the country.

5 Reasons to Buy a TVS Motorbike

  • TVS bikes give users absolute value for money in the long term and provides a very comfortable ride
  • The build quality of TVS motorcycles in Sri Lanka are above average and could even compete head to head with its popular Japanese counterparts
  • TVS motorcycles are very fuel efficient while on the road, easy to maintain and gives the owners a reliable daily runner sensibility
  • TVS motor company believes in innovation and provides the best in terms of technology in their bikes to make riding smoother even on rough roads
  • TVS bikes in Sri Lanka have a good second-hand market value, which makes buying one an investment for the future

Top 5 Best Selling TVS Motorcycle Models in Sri Lanka

These are the most popular TVS motorcycles (Motorbikes, Cruisers, Sport Bikes, Scooters etc...), sold in Sri Lanka.

  1. TVS Wego

The TVS Wego is a unique scooter model that is designed, manufactured and marketed by the TVS Motor Company. Unlike most other scooters, this nifty two-wheeler was designed to be a unisex riding machine that can be used by families as well as young middle class consumers. The bike also has a very good fuel economy, which is recorded at around 55 km/l for a combined ride cycle in Sri Lanka. Not only this, but the TVS Wego also comes with a reasonably powerful engine that can produce nearly 6 kW of power and more than 8 Nm of torque, allowing it to tackle the tough riding conditions seen in our country.

If you would like to learn more about the TVS Wego, then check out our review at Carmudi.lk.

Engine Displacement (Size): 110 cc

Price (As Of 2016): New bikes, around Rs. 224,900

  1. TVS Apache

The TVS Apache can be noted as one of the leading street legal motorcycles available for buying in Sri Lanka. Targeted mainly at younger middle class office commuters, this bike also comes with the cord name “RTR”, which stands for “Racing Throttle Response” giving the buyers an idea of the purpose it was built. As a more potent motorcycle, TVS Apache is available in both 150 cc and 180 cc engine variants with the latter being more popular among consumers. This bike ensures a comfortable ride and good handling even on rough roads. You will find that TVS Apache bikes will cost between 310,000 to 360,000 Rupees.

To learn more about the TVS Apache, please check out our review at Carmudi Sri Lanka.

Engine Displacement (Size): 180 cc

Price (As Of 2016): New bikes, between Rs. 310,900 to Rs. 359,900

  1. TVS Scooty Zest

The TVS Scooty Zest is without a doubt one of the most sort after scooter models sold in Sri Lanka. As one of the leading two wheelers from the TVS Motor Company, the bike has managed to win the hearts and minds of many first time bike riders in our country. Armed with a relatively midrange 110 cc engine displacement, the TVS Scooty Zest can actually produce a high level of power, which is around 6 kW at 7500 rpm and almost 9 Nm at just 5500 rpm, giving it the energy to tackle tough roads. Interestingly enough, the scooter also has a very good fuel economy, which is more than 60 km/l, saving money for its owner in the long term.

If you would like to learn more about the TVS Scooty Zest, then remember to check our in-depth review here at Carmudi.

Engine Displacement (Size): 110 cc

Price (As Of 2016): New bikes, between Rs. 199,900 to Rs. 210,900

  1. TVS Metro

The TVS Metro is an extremely fuel efficient motorcycle, which has recorded up to 87 Km/l for a combined tested ride cycle, giving it a unique position among other high mileage two wheelers seen in Sri Lanka. The bike is a clear favorite among many Sri Lankan motorcycle riders. Powered by a moderate engine displacement of roughly 100 cc, the TVS Metro also provides reasonable amount of power, for the majority of urban commuting activities seen throughout the island. If you are a one who is intending at buying a TVS Metro, you can expect the prices to range from 160,000 to 220,000 Rupees.

If you would like to learn more about the TVS Metro, then remember to read our review for a more in-depth understanding.

Engine Displacement (Size): 100 cc

Price (As Of 2016): New bikes, between Rs. 162,900 to Rs. 210,900

  1. TVS Jupiter

First introduced in 2013, the TVS Jupiter is a relative new comer to the already crowded scooter market. Unlike most scooter models, the TVS Jupiter is in fact targeted at middle class male riders, who wish to have a capable performance of a conventional bike that also has the convenience of a scooter. Because of this, the TVS Jupiter is also offered with a reasonably powerful engine for its class. This has the capability to generate nearly 6.0 Kw of power, allowing it to reach an acceleration of around 11 seconds, from zero to 60 km/h on urban roads. Nevertheless, the TVS Jupiter also has an impressive mileage that exceeds 60 km/l, saving money for the rider in the long term.

To learn more about the TVS Jupiter, you can easily read our review, at Carmudi Sri Lanka.

Engine Displacement (Size): 110 cc

Price (As Of 2016): New bikes, around Rs. 230,000

Other notable TVS motorcycle models found in Sri Lanka includes the TVS XL Super, the TVS Scooty Pep+ and the TVS Phoenix

Availability of TVS Motorcycles in Sri Lanka

As of 2016, the Sole agent for TVS motorcycles in Sri Lanka is TVS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, which is located at No. 38, Old Negombo Road, Wattala. The company functions as a subsidiary of the renowned United Motors Lanka Ltd, which itself is one of the largest automobile importers in Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, TVS motorcycles are also available through third party distributors, who are based in some of the prominent cities mentioned below.

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Did You Know?

The founder of TVS is the Indian industrialist T. V. Sundaram Iyengar, who was born in 1877, in the region of Thirukkurungudi within the Tirunelveli district of Madras Presidency, British India.

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