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Yamaha Ray for sale in Sri Lanka

Yamaha Ray for Sale in Sri Lanka | Yamaha Ray Price in Sri Lanka

Review, Specs, Images and Price of Yamaha Ray Scooter in Sri Lanka

If a scooter could turn heads at every corner, it will probably be the Yamaha Ray. The Ray is arguably one of the best-looking scooters found in the Sri Lankan market. It has become a fan favorite amongst the countries novice motorcycle riders for its ease of use. The Ray thrives on comparatively high ride comfort, a frugal engine and its overall attractive design.

Top 10 Things to Know When Buying a Yamaha Ray

1. History and Facts about Yamaha Ray 

First introduced in the early 2012, the Yamaha Ray scooter has managed to gain its foothold steadily in the Sri Lankan market, to become one of the most desired scooter class bikes found in the country.

The Ray is a scooter that will be easy to ride and maintain in Sri Lanka. In the island, the Yamaha Ray spare parts are readily available for a price that will be easy on your wallet. The scooter is stress-free to handle and will save you a lot of money especially on long distance trips thanks to its frugal engine. The only downside might be the slightly lesser storage space, but if you were willing to overlook that, the Yamaha Ray would be a viable option for you.

2. Yamaha Ray Specifications And Performance

The scooter comes with an attractive array of performance related features that makes it one of the most powerful contenders in its class.

Engine Specs:

  • Type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
  • Size: 113 cc
  • Cylinders: Single cylinder
  • Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
  • Maximum Output: 7.1PS / 7,500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 8.1N.m / 5000 rpm
  • Starting System: Electric and Kick
  • Transmission: V-belt automatic
  • Clutch type: Dry, centrifugal
  • Top Speed: 86km/h
  • Tire Specs (Front / Rear): 90-100:10 53J (Tube type) /90-100:10 53J (Tube type)
  • Suspension (Front / Rear): Telescopic/ Unit swing
  • Brakes (Front / Rear): Drum, 130mm dia/ Drum, 130mm dia
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1,835mm x 675mm × 1,075mm
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 128mm
  • Engine Oil Volume: 0.8 L
  • Curb Weight: 104 kg
  • Seating Capacity: 2-seater
  • Seat Height: 760 mm

3. Yamaha Ray Fuel Consumption

A 113 cc engine capable of generating 07 bhp (Brake horsepower), powers the Yamaha Ray scooters sold in the Sri Lankan market. It is complemented with a clutch-less V-belt automatic gearbox, which makes it easier to drive in Colombo as well as in the suburbs of Sri Lanka.

According to Yamaha, the scooter has an average fuel economy of 45 Km/l. However, under Sri Lankan road conditions, the Yamaha Ray has managed to achieve a fuel economy figure of 40-43 Km/l during inner city riding and up to 50 Km/l on long distance trips, which in itself is commendable.

  • Fuel Category: Petrol
  • Fuel Supply: Carburetor
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 05L

4. How is the Design of Yamaha Ray Scooter?

The Yamaha Ray in Sri Lanka has a very elegant design flow, which at times has been dubbed "dynamic". The combination of sleek and sporty elements has helped give it a youthful appearance. One of the biggest highlights of the Yamaha Ray is the comfort. This model comes with telescopic front shock absorbers that can take on most of the bumpy inner city roads. The seat offers plenty of scope for both driver and pillion and provides ample foot room for taller passengers.

5. Available Color Options of the Yamaha Ray in Sri Lanka

The Yamaha Ray is available in Black, Blue, Green, Maroon, Pink, Red as well as White colors

6. Safety Rating And Associated Features of Yamaha Ray

Safety is an important factor, especially when riding on the streets of Sri Lanka.

To make things secure for the riders, Yamaha has included an analogue instrument console that is easy on the eye and it has been laid out such that if offers all the vital stats at a glance.

7. Which are the Standout Elements of Yamaha Ray bikes?

The Yamaha Ray scooter in Colombo and indeed in wider Sri Lanka stands out from the rest. It is easy to ride due to the automatic gearbox and it has proven to be easy to maneuver due to its weight and size. The overall ride comfort helps set the Ray apart from the rest, since the Telescopic front shock absorbers are capable of absorbing most of the bumps on Sri Lankan roads.

The highly fuel-efficient engine can also be noted as another important fact, which helps the Yamaha Ray shine in an otherwise overly saturated market.

8. Yamaha Ray Compared To Other Motorbikes In Sri Lanka

Within the Sri Lankan market, the Yamaha Ray can be compared with the TVS Wego, the TVS Scooty Zest and the Honda Activa for its performance and value.

  • Yamaha Ray vs. TVS Wego – The Ray has a better aftermarket value compared to the Wego
  • Yamaha Ray vs. TVS Scooty Zest - The Ray has a higher engine capacity compared to the Zest
  • Yamaha Ray vs. Honda Activa - The Ray has a longer body design, to provide more room for two adults compared to the Activa

9. Key Reasons to Buy a Yamaha Ray

If you are considering buying one of these nifty riding machines, then remember to think through the following, for a more informed decision.


  • Superb fuel economy
  • Small chassis with an intelligible form factor
  • Powerful engine with good handling capabilities
  • Room for two adults for its small size
  • Plentiful storage capacity


Classic riders may not prefer the automatic transmission system that does not give them more control over high acceleration in a busy street. However, first time bike riders may find it safe and very user friendly to their needs.

Since the scooter is mainly designed for city travel, long-distance riders might not find it fast enough for their taste. Nevertheless, the scooters comfortable riding position and good handling should make it ideal for an average Sri Lankan family.

10. Where to Find a Yamaha Ray for Sale in Sri Lanka?

The Associated Motorways (Private) Limited, which is located in Colombo, is the official distributor for Yamaha motorcycles sold in Sri Lanka. However, if you are located outside of Colombo, then also remember to look through the dozens of third party dealers who are based in cities throughout the island.

Discover the Selection of Yamaha Ray for Sale in Your City on Carmudi Sri Lanka

Yamaha Ray Price in Sri Lanka

Finding a used Yamaha Ray or even an unregistered Yamaha Ray in Sri Lanka will not be a problem, as these scooters are freely available in the market. A used Yamaha Ray in Sri Lanka will set you back by about Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 150,000 (2015). For those who want to buy a new Yamaha Ray Scooter could do so for a price of around Rs. 211,000 to Rs. 224,500 as of (2015), subject to the level of features and the model offered.

Yamaha Ray Price List on Carmudi.lk

Price for New Yamaha Ray

  1. Yamaha Ray Scooter 2014: Rs. 211,000
  2. Yamaha Syguns Ray 2014: Rs. 216,500
  3. Yamaha Cygnus Ray Z 2014: Rs. 224,500
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