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Average Car Mileage Across Emerging Markets

November 2015

With the aim to find out which countries rack up more miles, Carmudi compared average country mileage across thousands of its own listings, further examining the data based on age and fuel type. The cars examined ranged from 2 to 5 years old. How do used cars fare by mileage in each of Carmudi’s markets? Read more to find out.


Bangladesh – Ghana – Indonesia – Myanmar – Nigeria – Pakistan – Philippines – Sri Lanka – United Arab Emirates – Vietnam


The Motorcycle’s Popularity in Asian Markets

October 2015

Carmudi’s report on Motorcycles provides a look into the current popularity of motorcycles in Asia.  Hundreds of thousands of motorcycle listings and browsing data were analyzed by Carmudi, in order to find where in Asia motorcycles rule over four-wheeled vehicles, and which brands dominate in the search for the perfect motorcycle. Data is based on vehicle listings by type as well as the number of total views for motorcycles on the Carmudi platform.


Bangladesh – Indonesia – Philippines – Pakistan – Vietnam


Most Affordable Countries for Cars

October 2015

Carmudi, the safest way to sell or buy your car online, analyzed hundreds of thousands of used car listings in various African countries, in order to find out how much consumers are spending on used car models aged 2008 to 2013. The study provides insights into price differences across countries and their possible causes.

Bangladesh – Ghana – Indonesia – Middle East – Myanmar – Nigeria – Pakistan – Philippines


Auto Financing in Emerging Markets

September 2015

Carmudi’s report on Auto Financing in Emerging Markets provides a look into current and future state of the flourishing car financing market and how consumer attitudes towards credit have transformed in recent years. The findings in this report are based on studies by governmental institutions and authorities and interviews with financial institutions, car dealers, and banking experts throughout the respective regions.


Mexico – PhilippinesPakistan – Indonesia – Bangladesh – Middle East – Sri Lanka


The Booming Automotive Industry in Emerging Markets

May 2015

Carmudi’s Report on the Booming Automotive Industry in Emerging Markets examines the current and future state of the automotive industry in the emerging world. As the leading online car classifieds operating in twenty emerging countries, our report provides a detailed look into the global state of automotive sales and how car purchasing behaviors have changed due to the drastic increase of internet and mobile penetration, rising GDP, and the emergence of a middle class.


BangladeshIndonesia PakistanMexico –  NigeriaPhilippines – UAE